If you will be the President for one day What you will do first?

OK, if I will be the president of my country for one day what will I do first?

In as much as 24 hours looks small to really impact anything in my country (Nigeria) I will not let that limit me and what I will do will be something realistic and achievable. Lately I have a strong interest in waste management so basically I will just make the day, a day to clean the nation. A day to make planet earth proud of its inhabitant. The whole nation will be on national holiday that day and it will be a day for us all to go to the street and everywhere in the nation, cleaning everywhere and making it clean.

Not just that but also donate enough of public bin so as to reduce the way people litter the environment and to gather all the waste and find a way the waste can generate income to the nation. In my country waste recycling is not fully adopted so we either transport (sell) the waste to a country that can make the best use of the waste or introduce a way the nation can fully adopt recycling.


Immediately build a strong team that investigates the projects implemented by government units of the country. A proper audit on the liquidation presented and physical conduct on the actual implementation of the project.

It is my first goal to implement the "drain" of the government and do something about it because it hurts our countrymen. Determine also the "fountain" which we can reward for being geniune in public service.

Also imposing discipline to the people by implementing rules that is set to embed on the minds of the people and be part of the norms of the society. I think those two are the easiest way to implement but provides a great impact instantly to the country.

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 Actually this is a strange question and it might never happen in my life.

But, if it wasn't a dream, and I became president, my focus would be to eliminate CORRUPTION. To be honest, corruption has undermined the wealth of my country (Indonesia) until now, and this must be changed. 


Make STEEM the official cryptocurrency of my country..