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Are you happy with the new feature of musing?

Now you have more control on your post. You can format your writing and add pictures. 

A picture can say a lot of things that you might not express in another way.

You can express yourself the way you want. You can explain a complex thing in a simple way. It looks cool! It would be easier to grab readers' attention.

One thing I noticed is that when you see musing post on steemit, the gap between two paragraph seems large. 

So am I happy with the new feature of musing? 

Yes, I am. It is getting better day by day.

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Yes, of course. Musing added markdown support which allows users to use bold, italic styles, ordered, unordered lists and adding images from the markdown toolbar.

This will allow Musing users to format their answers properly and add lists where it may be necessary. 

I wish musing had added the blockquote markdawn tag as well. That tag is very important because it helps identifying content that isn't the work of author's own. I hope musing will add that in the next update. Even without that, the features are quite nice!


Of course!

  • there's more ways I can elaborate my point
  • Italiano!!!!  for when i wanna emphasize a word from a sentence

There's even a way to add pictures too! No need to write a thousand words when 1 picture can say more than that!!!

happy child!!!