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How can we earn money from steemit?

Oh great question! There’s a lot of ways one can earn money from steemit and here’s a list of a few of them.

1. Authentic Upvotes

High quality posts can result in upvotes by others within the community to increase your post payout. You may think this is u likely but there’s bots like Curie that look for good content, and getting an upvote by them is very good. You can also self upvote, I’m essence just upvoting your own content. As you grow more SP, you are able to have a higher upvote value. Having about 1,000 sp gets you a $.06 upvote and so forth which is a viable option once you have been on the platform for long enough.

2. BidBots

Oooh! Don't we all love Bidbots! Some people are against the use of bidbots, but it basically is where you pay someone for them to upvote your content. You can use steembottracker.com as a way to look for bots and place bids. By paying liquid steem/sbd you make it so you gain a little profit after the bidbot upvotes you with the SP and Liquid steem gained. After powering down your SP which takes 13 weeks, you will have made a profit. Bidbot.me is also a cool tool to use, as it calculates the best time to send a bid for you. It also ensures a 10% roi and if it fails it pays you the remainder! Pretty neat.

3. Sponsorships

Once you have grown your account enough, some people might want you to promote their content in exchange for money. This is always an easy way to make money and it’s pretty great. I made a review post on bid.bot for example and was able to receive over $110 in upvotes.

There’s many other ways to make money too, so just keep a look out for them. Here are the most common ones however!


There is no short cut to grow on Steemit platform. One have to be consistent and patience.

There are few tips while implementing on that one can be grow on this platform.

First of all you have to produce quality posts.

Secondly, participate by up voting the others in form of comments.

Increase your social network by adding people having common interest areas.

By getting more and more up votes 

By participating in different bots /bid bots

You can also join discord channels and earn up vote from there.


Earning money from steemit is quite simple :

1st. Sign up for steemit, it'll take about 2 weeks to complete the process.

2nd. Write a good article and post on steemit and get upvotes, it will take a week to pay out your rewards.

3rd. Sell your liquid SBD/STEEM and get fiat currencies or you can buy goods by SBD/STEEM from specific shops and online stores .

🔥Thanks. . .


Write content every day, comment on different blogs, and grind daily.