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Why people are not getting upvotes in their question?

Questions need to have a certain degree of interest or possible longevity to the audience. That is so that questions can attract more answers, also from outsiders.

Upvotes should be considered as curation, thus highlighting the best ones. Highlighting the questions with value to both the community and outsiders.

Nobody should think that asking a question automatically deserves an upvote. It’s just a question, after all. The best questions appeal to a large audience, or a very narrow but specialized audience, and can long term also receive continued traffic. Great questions can receive answers which are longer than many a blog post on Steem. I’ve seen several answers referenced with multiple links.

Not every question should target a specialized audience but a good questions an be answered by many people and the answers will be of interest to many as well, which keeps the conversation going.

That is important because unlike the questions, comment threads (replies) can still come in some weeks, months, or even years and receive rewards for their quality.

A good question should still be able to be asked, or highlighted, in some months. Questions should also be solid in grammar so they can easily be shared on social media and appeal to the audiences there.

Your question could have better if you had asked:

> Does Musing upvote questions and what does the Musing team look for in a question?

Instead, you turned the question in a sentiment of entitlement, making it sound as if every question should receive an upvote.


People do get upvotes on their questions but I think that the Musing team likes to reward those who make a bigger effort. People who answer sometimes spend several minutes writing one answer. You'll see texts with more than 3 paragraphs while questions are just one phrase.

That is not to say that questions are not valuable, since a Q&A website cannot survive with just answers, but it's just a measure of what is objective Proof of Brain value.


The whole point of the Steem Platform is to reward people based on the proof-of-brain concept. Asking questions do not really need that much thinking or researching, which is mostly the reason why Answers are getting more upvotes compared to Questions. 

Musing do upvote questions but usually with only a low upvote worth. They are very selective on curating questions nowadays because it seems people are just copying whatever question they find on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Musing is still a part of Steem and by extension will reward people for using their brain, not copy other people's idea just to fish for some upvotes.