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How we get upvote in musing.io?
Upvote from musing.io is not guaranteed.
However, There are two way by which upvotes can be earned.
First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.
Question should be relevant.
Avoid asking repeated question.
Question asked should be clear and properly described.
Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:
Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.
Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.
Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.
Musing.io is a platform where you can ask questions and give answer to others questions. You can also earn cryptocurrency by giving answer to others questions but there is a fact that you have to right answer. If you don't know the answer of the question then leave it but you should not give the wrong answer. If you do this then you can't get upvote and can't earn cryptocurrency from musing.io. Otherwise you can get downvote if you give wrong answer of any question. We all should not answering the questions not only for earn upvote or get cryptocurrency but also give answer for knowing the matter to the unknown.

So, if you want to get upvote from musing.io then you have to give right answer and the answer should be stored.
Creating decent questions and giving good answers to other peoples question should be enough to be upvoted from time to time ;-D