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Can Bitcoin cross 8000$ in this week?

If BTC can cross the 7500 level today there are chances that it will cross 8000 or at least close to 8000 level.

As since past few days BTC is consolidated its position and slowly moving up so it is expected to continue the same trend.

Volumes and Market capitalization is also on the positive side, which is also a good indicator to move forward.

Teclnical Indicators are also showing the bullish trend.

Considering the above points it is expected that Bitcoin will continue to bull run and may reach to 8000 level.

However, Crypto world has its own dynamics, it trends can be reversed in any second and no one can predict the price accurately. 


This is amazing that this was posted 3 months ago and now we are around $3000 for a bitcoin. 

To answer your question. Nope. We are not crossing $8000 this week. 


Very unlikely. 

I think it's probably going to approach $7600 and then to do a retracement back down to about $7200 and then stay there hovering for a while.

Each of us that is invested would love to see the huge uprising like we had last year,  but I think it is highly unlikely that we're going to have an explosive force rising up. Instead I think we will have small moves upward followed by slight movement downward until we finally hit about $10,000 during the Christmas season.

Something gradual but nothing too exciting.


Well bitcoin is regarded by most people as the most

volatile cryptocurrency which means that bitcoin price can move at a very fast and high rate,so based on that

then i would say yes it is possible for bitcoin price to cross the $8000 or even above too this week,but it also

depends on the market forces,it is the market forces

that will determine if we will see a more bullish trend for bitcoin or it will go back to the bearish trend...


For the first time since mid-May

The price of bitcoin today has risen above the $ 8,000 mark - and has spun to return to the bull run that bitcoin that later powered down to $ 20,000. Latest support for bitcoin has appeared after a week which will increase 20% to the price behind. and cryptocurrency, and the raft of positive regulations around the world.


No. Bitcoin will continue a downward trend as long as their are viable mainstream alternatives like the normal stock market. When Trump got elected the stockmarket started to go up overnight and ultimatly ended up helping to turn the crypto market around because everyone expected Hilary to get in and the market was floundering. Once the stock market comes back down investors will come back to the crypto markets.