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What is father for you?
For me, Father is a remarkable figure. Although it was not him who gave birth to me, but he was everything to me. I'm one of those close enough to my dad since I started my teen years. I realized that his love for me was so wonderful. He tends to be a hard and protective person to me. Like when I was traveling, he always asked me where I was going and with whom. He always reminds me to be careful on the road and should know when I should go home.

Not only that, although he is tired of working, he can always share his time with his children. And a smile is always in his face, showing that he never tired after work. I am grateful to this day that my father is still in good health, even though his physical condition is no longer as it once was, his stroke caused one to make his legs a little harder to walk, though he can still work hard to meet all the needs of our family.

Dad, your presence I will never forget. Thank you for being the perfect family head for us. Thank you for everything.
My father is the reason for my happiness. From my childhood my father did many things for my happiness and he also give up some important things for my happiness. I think all the fathers are same as mine. They don't think their happiness and they give up their happiness for us. My is the person who always support me whenever I need him. My father did not get angry with me at any case. If I do any wrong thing, he doesn't get angry rather he try to describe me about the thing that is it right or wrong. Whenever I want anything he gives me the things, anytime he doesn't refused me to give anything. He always try to see my smiling face by doing anything.

So, my father is the reason for my happiness.
A father is the primary provider for the family, A loving father will nurture and take care of his kids and wife.
He disciplined the kids and correct them on their mistakes.
A father should be teach his children how to live life and bless his children.
He provide for the kids and wife and he is always there for his family during the up and down.
My own father is an epitome of calmness, respect and generosity.
I at times thought of him to be strict as a kid, but now understands that he is just a disciplined and God fearing person.
Thank you Father for teaching me how to live a responsible and respectful life.

I love you always.
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Father is the head and custodian of family. He is protector of his family.
He guides his children, how to proceed and be successful in life.
To me my father was everything in my life.
He was my best friend and I can share everything with him.
He was used to play with me. We had long chats.
He motivated me and guided me in every step of my life.
He taught me what is right and what is wrong.
He was very kind and helpful.
I have no words to express my feeling towards him.
Father is a great blessing and I miss him very much.
To me, father is an integral part of the family. Because the father figure has many roles.
The first role, player. As a player, dad must be a good playmate for his children.

Secondly as a teacher. A good father should also be able to act as a teacher for his children.
Third is the protector. The most important thing for dad is to teach children to protect themselves because parents can not be with them all the time.

Last as a partner. Dad also has the right to play with the child.
Sedulur, how big the role of father. It is fitting that the father figure becomes a hero to us all.