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Which is your favourite blogging platform?

Being totally honest before steemit, I didn't use any specific blogging platform, I was only dedicated to facebook, twitter and instagram. So undoubtedly my favorite is steemit because it was the first I started to use and with which I hooked faster, all the interface and different ways we can use to blogging I think great, plus we can get recommendations from what we post.

Now in addition to steemit I use Wordpress that seems to me the most complete of all because it allows the use of a large number of templates and designs to see our most prominent blogs.


My favorite blogging platform is steemit. I like the best steemit platform. My favorite platform is the steemit. I have steemit platform favorites for several reasons. Such as:

I am a student. I work in the steemit platform, I earn a lot of dollars. This is the cost of my study with this dollar. So dear to me.

It gets dollar easily by writing this platform very easily. I'm happy to earn dollars easily. So dear to me.