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I am direct, there are platforms in the steemit ecosystem that give you a vote of power for your quality work as steenhunt and steemprees, no trails, which you know about power votes for your work that are similar to these?

Right now the other platforms, but not guaranteed upvotes, would be DLive and DTube. Also Musing.

The thing here is that you should always keep quality in mind. Not take those votes as a must have, must receive thing. No vote is guaranteed and votes can be reversed as well or can stop the next day.

Also, all those platforms benefit large delegations from Steemit Inc., delegations can be pulled from one moment to the other and then the upvotes will dry up.

You may also want to look into initiatives @tribesteemup and @qurator, which are curation projects. They can be targeted in content if your work is indeed quality.

But that may require that after asking a question you proofread the question and fix typos. In your question you mentioned two platforms and you missspelled both. If not for that there would be another platform.

Of course, that’s @Utopian-io. But they have much stricter expectations and templates to follow.

Lastly, there’s SteemSTEM.


There are many initiatives on steemit that rewards users for using their platform so far you meet their conditions.

@esteemapp by @goodkarma rewards users for posting through the esteemapp either on mobile or the esteemsurfer

We also have Busy.org that gives certain upvote to users who posts through their interface.

You can also make use of some tags when you make certain posts. For science posts, you can use the steemstem tag and if the post is of enough quality and seen by their curator you may get upvoted.

There is @tasteem where you earn by posting reviews of restaurant

We also have @hede which I term the public wiki. They reward you for making entries of anything ranging from a local slang to complex terms.

Lastly, the platform we are using presently. Musing, you are rewarded for asking and answering questions.