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What exercise should be done by men so that the body's vitality is more fit?

I think it depends on the type of condition that persons body is in. If the person is relatively fit, I think it would be good to go for those activities that are more towards high intensity interval. These workouts challenges the body and makes sure that our body gets a hard core workout and maintains all those important muscle cells and yet after the workout, our bodies can still burn fats after the first hours of workout. That is something really great.

For those who have never workout before in their entire life can start by doing some lite workouts like just getting some walks. Then reducing some food intake and then slowly move on to those harder workouts.

The type of exercise that is beneficial for anyone whose working out would be these few which hits many core muscles. These are the bench press, square, barbell row and i forgot what the other two are.

The squat is one of those really powerful workout which hits many muscles around the body. Many muscles worked out at once with less work. How good can that be. The most important is to be consistent in the exercise and never skip any.


Try to search on youtube with this keyword : "8 mins workout"

I have done 8 minutes a day of training like this and my body is still fit, healthy, and of course the stomach of Six Pack which is the dream of all men I can have.