What is the danger of fast food in your opinion?
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I personally believe that there isn't a bad food or a good food, everything should be taken in moderation. So what I think could be the danger in fast food is our "greedy craving" of it. Eating a double cheeseburger a week won't kill you or even make you sick, your body will just absorb the nutrients and discharge the toxins from it. However, if you eat cheeseburger three (3) times a day, then I would say you won't even last a month and will drop dead :(

It anything that we eat, we should be disciplined enough to control our gluttony of it.  I'm talking about fast food only, it basically to every food out there. Since our body requires a diverse amount of nutrients to sustain its health, we should have a variety of food to consume. Even if that cheeseburger contain a high-cholesterol patty, it still include some nutrition, not to mention the vegetables that come with it.

So to reiterate, any type of food is "ok", just make sure to consume at a moderate amount. Cheers!


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your question is very good. Fast food is very much loved by children and adults. because it tastes delicious. fast food also varies. like pizza, french fries, burgers, and many others. and the dangerous content of fast food is bad cholesterol. the presence of bad cholesterol because sellers often pick up food with used oil that is used repeatedly. besides containing bad cholesterol, fast food contains many calories.

I will explain to you about the dangers of bad cholesterol. if someone often consumes fast food, then over time will cause a buildup of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. this buildup of bad cholesterol can occur anywhere. if cholesterol buildup occurs in the heart's blood vessels, it will cause coronary heart disease. and if it occurs in the blood vessels of the brain, it will cause a stroke.

and I will also explain the danger if someone consumes foods that are high in calories. as I said above that fast food contains high calories. if someone often consumes fast food, it will have a high risk of diabetes. I know that someone cannot consume fast food at all. sometimes he also consumes it. but it must be limited. if he consumes fast food excessively, it will be dangerous for his health.

Ready-to-eat foods such as french fries, pizza, hamburgers, etc., are very easy to find in almost every restaurant. Even though it has a good taste, the reason is that fast food is high in calories and contains only a few nutrients needed by your body. Not only filling the stomach, these foods often make the audience vulnerable to be exposed to various types of diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, digestive and respiratory disorders, tooth decay, and others.

Many kinds of foods can spoil your tongue, one of which is ready-to-eat food. Food that is very easy to find in almost every cafe, restaurant and shopping center is often favored by all walks of life.

Ready-to-eat food is a very easy and fast food that is prepared as a substitute for home food. However, ready-to-eat foods are usually always high in sugar, fat, salt, and calories. In fact, some restaurants use hydrogenated vegetable oil to fry their food ingredients. In fact, the oil is not good for the body because it contains trans oil which can increase the risk of heart disease

Fast food is very popular with adults and children alike. Both adults and children who consume these foods have a high intake of energy, sugar, fat, sodium, saturated fat, and carbonated drinks. And a low intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

People who have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, must also be very careful about these ready-to-eat foods. The fat content in this food is quite high, for example in one serving of fried chicken and fried chicken nuggets, there is a total saturated fat of about 41 to 71 grams. In addition to the dangers that we already know like can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. here are some other dangers of fast food for your body:

  • Indigestion

Eating too much food containing high salt, such as ready-to-eat food, will make your body absorb more water. It makes your stomach bloated and swollen.

  • Respiratory disorders

A study says that children who consume fast food at least three times a week will increase their risk of developing asthma and rhinitis. For adults, fast food can make him obese. And the impact of obesity is shortness of breath, wheezing, and sleep apnea.

  • Triggers the appearance of acne

Usually, chocolate and oily food are the triggers for acne, but not completely. The appearance of acne can also be caused by high carbohydrate foods. Foods that contain high carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels which can be a trigger for acne.

  • Increase Insulin Levels

Fast food that is high in calories and carbohydrates can cause a surge in blood sugar in your body. And that can change normal insulin levels.

  • Damaging Teeth

Fast food can also damage teeth. When you eat foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, the bacteria in your mouth produce acid. This acid can destroy enamel (email) teeth which can cause cavities. Enamel that has been lost cannot be replaced, and poor oral health can cause other health problems.

The first risk is that if a person eats too much fast food, the person gets obese and at the same time fast food is addictive. I am against fast food yet I love to eat it. My favorite fast food joint would be Mc Donald's. I usually order the spicy chicken Mc deluxeand always upgrade it to large but nowadays, I do not do that anymore and op for the kids meal.

Fast food I think it eaten in moderation won't do much damage to the body. Unless we eat fast food every single day then the dangers are gonna be increased. Body weight increases which increase the fat deposit in the body, then our blood pressure increases which makes it hard for the heart to pump the blood through the whole body. Then at the same time, it also reduces the sensitivity of insulin. When the insulins are disrupted. The bodies ability to reduce glucose reduces and so the person is likely to get diabetics.

It is also very addictive for a person to eat fast food. The feeling of that crispy chicken which contains oil and lots of it, then the coca cola which contains lots of addictive and preservatives. There are some who are hooked onto fast food. Health problems usually come with eating too much fast food. It makes a person lazy too. When a person carries on too much weight, we tend to not want to move alot.

I guess fast food is alrite to be eaten once in a while even though it isn't healthy. But eaten alot of it would cause us to be obese and get lots of health problems.

the dangers of fast food.. well where do i begin? Fast food typically to me means bread and meat. The bread is mostly white bread, which is just starch and lacks fibre and will result in constipation. not just that, white flour will instantly convert to sugar leading to obesity and risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

then comes the meat. which is a mixture all rubbish that you can think of. it is processes, to include preservatives to increase shelf life. add to that sugar to give you a nice feeling and make you addicted to it.

then the food will be fried and hence you're consuming fatty acids that will lead to more disease. and given that it is cheap, it is also leading to setting up of large amount of cattle farms that in turn pollute the environment. Socially, it will drive out other small scale food joints. the big fast food chains will also have more negotiating power and thus make farmers poorer. 

There is no good thing about fast food. it is shit food and a cancer for society. 

Eating fast food is very unhealthy because of the chemicals and preservatives that it contains. We call it fast food because it was served in a very fast manner. It is mostly greasy to eat such as the burger and fries. It contains a lot of oil and it can make us fat. Eating fast food everyday can make your health in danger so be careful in eating fast foods.

Abuse of fast food can have very negative health consequences. In order for this food to be tasty and the aroma and taste to be addictive, salts, condiments and sauces are added in abundance, which causes, in principle, overweight and with this diseases such as fatigue, kidney and liver problems, susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, among others. 

Taste a junk food only once in a while is not bad, the problem is when you make a habit and consume excessively. 

Too much chemicals

Most fast food contain too much seasoning/sugar and preservatives. Plus, most times, all you'll get are calories. They rarely offer a balance ratio of calories to nutrients

Go organic once in a while. Eat fruits and vegetables. Cook your meals with little seasonings and you'll be glad you did

I think the main danger of fast food is to your health.

It might be tasty and convenient, but the over-processed, GMO foods are bad for your body. Raw, plant based foods are the best thing a person can consume. Meat that has been preserved with chemicals can cause serious health problems.

Overall, I think it's best to limit Fast Food in-take, although one happy meal every once in a while never killed anyone :)

Many Fast foods are mostly usually higher in fats, high number of calories, the cholesterol, and sodium compared to homemade meals which have less of them.

i believe that Eating alot of fast food can actually increase the risks for different health problems which includes the high blood pressure, the heart disease, and also obesity.