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Sandals or shoes, what makes you look fashionable?

I think it depends! There are times for all kinds of footwear. You can look very modern in good colorful sneakers or in sandals. At the moment there are many brands of sports footwear that have opted for bright, bright colors with platform soles.  This type of sneakers are not for exercising on a court, their style is not as comfortable as for exercise, so they are used to go out for a walk, go to the mall, go out with friends. Similarly, we use closed shoes when we know we do not have a recent pedicure or when we need to walk comfortably for a long time, instead sandals are only used when our nails and feet are fixed and when the terrain in which we can walk is appropriate. High-heeled sandals stylize the figure a lot and make not only a woman look more feminine but more elegant. The detail of these shoes is that they are destined to be used in moments in which you know that you are not going to spend hours standing or you are going to walk a lot, unless you want to be uncomfortable. Of course, there are also the flat-soled sandals that you can wear on summer afternoons, take to the beach and in areas where your feet are not so mistreated.

I think the ideal way to combine these types of shoes is to take into account the place you're going, the clothes you're going to wear and how comfortable you want to be. Let's remember that fashion is not just following the patterns imposed by a group of people, it is also wearing with style and originality the things you have. 


Being fashionable have become  necessary in this age everybody wants to look good nowadays everybody wants to make a good impression in front of other guys. wearing shoes or sandals is someone's personal choice but shoes  always stand out as they are so fashionable and classy.Moreover shoes can go on any event.

Selection of good fashionable shoes is not easy has nowadays there are hundreds of different kinds of shoes for wearing on different occasions as for jogging people use  joggers  and for parties and offices people mostly used  sneakers and formal shoes. sandals do not have that much variety .Shoes can be used approximately  on every event such as.

 # functions:

                  If we are going to  attend any kind of function party at any place if we are wearing shoes we can look more classy and outstanding. shoes makes you look that much better that much you wanted to show. as they go with any of your jeans  or dress pants. Many people use mostly shoes whenever they go to some function or party.

# student life:

                   When it comes about fashion in student life mostly of shoes.any of the student wants to have a best collection of shoes that he could show to his friends that how fashionable he is.Some time he go with  sneakers some time with    grippers and some time with casual or formal shoes .

# office:

            An office  going man Cannot wear sandals so he always takes care of his shoes because mostly he have to wear dress pants so whenever he   goes for shopping he tries to buy the best care of you that he could show to his colleagues That That he have a very good sense of shopping fashionable shoes .wearing more fashionable shoes can also define your rank in the job 

Conclusion :

                It is concluded that shoes make up your whole personality And more fashionable that then sandals. it doesn't matter that  where are you going  and what are you going to do only if you are wearing fashionable  and classy shoes your personality can stand out. 

Image Source : https://pixabay.com


It depends on the occasion and if you're a male or female. 

Shoes are more fashionable if you're dressed appropriately. Sandals are more for leisure, except when are worn by a woman for some occasion. A pair of high hill sandals can look very stylish and elegant with a cocktail dress 

If you are wearing a suit, then you definitely need to wear shoes.  


I'll say shoes. Shoes actually make me look so fashionable and beautifully sexy. I have a small leg, so put in a sandal makes it look smaller and open. But when put in a shoe, it becomes attractive and compliments my dressing. Sandals may be selective to some specific kind of clothes as it doesn't just fit all kind of wears. 

Shoes make me look more attractive and beautiful, especially if the shoes have heels.


I'll take a shoe any day and any time. My foot is not the most pretty anyways. My left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot and it has more contours. It's the one that's really not pretty.

And so, that left foot always finds a way to look funny when I wear sandals. Sandals don't always do a good job in enclosing it.

Because of that, sandals do not always look good on me. But I still wear them tho.

Shoes on the other hand always do a good job all the time. It enclosed my foot totally and gives the necessary fitting.

So that's it for me. Shoes all the way over sandals.