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Could you still love your partner who cheats behind you?

Yes. I can but I think I am not quite sure if I can still accept him and be in a relationship with him. It depends actually with the reason behind him cheating and if he is able to admit it to me. I will first ask him what is the real reason behind him cheating. I know there is no excuse for cheating but sometimes, this issue can still be fixed and the relationship can still be saved. I think it depends upon:

  • The effort he exerted to win me back. If he really is able to show me that he is willing to change and that he is doing his best to become a new person, a loyal one, then there is a huge chance I will still accept him. I am pretty sure that if I am in a relationship with someone, that I truly love him so if I think it is worth a second try, then yes, I will accept him.
  • But before accepting my partner again, I will ask myself if I am emotionally ready to be with him again. Cheating is a big deal so being ready to accept him again is a bigger deal. I think to be able to gain my trust again, there should be changes in the relationship before reigniting the spark. Such changes may include ways that I will never doubt him again.

Accepting someone who cheated is such a dilemma. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


Love, probably.

But there would definitely be a change in the TYPE of love, and it’d most likely end up being one that is NOT explored and expressed through continuing the relationship.


 That would depend on the reason why my partner cheat, and how. I mean if she met some guys on the streets and did a gangbang with them, then im pretty certain that i would tell her, have a nice life.

But if she met someone, came closer to that person and then cheat because she wanted to satisfied her desires, then we could work it out to make sure that she learn how to control or ignore her desires, to use it for the greater good of our future.

Or else i could make the same mistake with a new partner in the future again, if i don't understand the logic or reasons behind those actions. But it will not be easy, because my mind will be poisoned by anger, what would terrorize my rational thoughts to find the solution.

That saying, most of the time are people cheating because they had the needs to satisfied there desires, which are created in different situations. And i think maybe 2 out of 10 would cheat to hurt someone.( numbers can generally be wrong of course, but that is what i saw around me)

All others feels some kind of attraction of a person who they met from work, school, family, friends, neighbors or from anyone. And that attraction was created by their own mind, after they saw or experience something from that other person.

So the only person who create the feelings in our body is ourself, after we made some kind of interpretation of the reality what we sense. And if we punish our partners for making the wrong interpretation of what they sensed, then we might as well punish ourselves, because we had chosen to be with someone who did not know how to interpretate the reality, to make sure that his feelings can never deceive him. We should had knew this from the start and if not then we both need to solve it!

This means, when my partner would cheat on me, and she is open and would honestly say that she got horny or attracted to someone because of what she thought, then i would try to help her understand how thoughts could activate some feelings, which can make someone cheats. 

But the point is, that nobody ever learned how to train the mind to control our feelings, and there for almost everyone is innocent because of the ignorance regard inner knowledge!

My goal would be to enlighten her, to make sure that the same logic she used to be attracted to someone else, could also be used to make the connection between the two of us become stronger than ever before. In fact when people learn and understand how it works, then they can even change the tide and use this knowledge in the benefit for the relationship.

There for i think it's not wise, to give someone up if they cheat. It's like blaming someone for making a car accident, while they never learned properly how to drive a car! And making laws to enforce people for driving a car will never work out. Because people don't need laws or restrictions, they just need the knowledge to understand how everything works or is connected!

And the truth is, every situation can be a challenge or a test or a oppertunity, it can make the love between two people weaker or stronger, that depends on how you take care of the situation. There for it's needed to ignore what you feel, and to think rational to make you search the facts, before giving up!


I think cheating is the highest form of betrayal and disrespect of a partner. It's very difficult to continue loving someone that has cheated on me, mostly if I'm very nice, loving and caring to such one. I may forgive and maybe give the partner a second chance if she is remorseful, feels sorry and promises never to try such again. But if I sense the partner isn't remorseful or she has been indulging in such act for a long time without me knowing, then it will be over between us.

No room should be given to a deliberate and consistent cheat. Cheating breaks love link between two partners. If a partner can cheat on you, he/she can also kill you. So I may not continue loving a cheat; unless the cheat is repentant