What are your regional specialties menus, mention as much as possible and how they are served, why you like it?
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There are many regional specialities which are famous all over the world. i will detail a few that I like very much and also cook. 

Why I like it?

I like to eat foods that are tasty and contain spices. I do like to have north Indian dishes because they include a lot of spices which make a dish yummy. I also try a few dishes now and then and recently made kachori which my family liked. 

banana fritters

  • pazham pori - banana fritters/fries made by dippng ripe bananas in batter of all purpose flour or gram flour and frying it in oil. The flour batter can be made easily by mixing a cup with water, a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of chilly powder. it is absolutely yummy and you must try it. A perfect tea time snack. 
  • aviyal - it is a vegetable curry, veggies like yam, pumpkin, melon, moringa, raw banana, raw mango, beans are sliced long and cooked with salt and a pinch of turmeric. Water is minimally used and coconut paste, ground along with cumin seeds are added to the cooked veggies and stirred slowly till it becomes incorported. A spoon of oil is poured over and served along with rice or bread or roti. It is a very simple curry and very tasty. 
  • pizza dosa - a dosa with sliced tomatoes, onions, cheese and chillies on top and it becomes my self styled pizza dosa 

  • tapioca curry - tapioca is cooked with salt and then oil is added to stir fry after which mustard seeds are seasoned and added along with coconut. It is a very tasty dish and can be had by itself or with rice. 

  • raw mango in coconut milk curry which is authentic to kerala. The sliced mango is cooked in water and diluted coconut milk. Fried onions are added to this along with seasoned mustard seeds and red chillies. Rich coconut milk is added last and stirred for a few seconds after which it can be served along with rice. 

The above shown are some of the famous dishes of kerala, particularly the raw mngo curry and tapioca. The dosa is common to south India. 

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