You like boxing, what is the reason?
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Yes I do. The affinity I have for boxing is a bit weird, I will explain. I like boxing as a form of exercise and recreation, the moves, the footwork and the training that accompany it is a really good way to keep fit. And I like the swagger that goes with it, I think its cool.

On the other hand, I do not like it as a sport. I don't think people should allow themselves to be hit in the head so often, which is what happens to professional boxers. Some of this feeling comes from the fact that Mohammed Ali- arguably the greatest boxer of all time- suffered from Parkinson disease till he died.

That's it for me.

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I like too much Boxing for some reasons :

  • When a boxer goes to the carpet, he can choose to stay or get up: there is no better test in the world to test the will of a man or reveal his character.
  • The round card girls.
  • Boxing puts so much importance on the rules that they are repeated to the participants at the beginning of each fight: no blows under the belt, protect yourself at all times, ... It would be funny to recall the rule of the game to football players.
  • Nobody is sad when his favorite boxer announces that he is retiring: he will soon make his comeback.
  • Nobody is telling the truth. But everyone is aware. So it's quite fair.
  • Boxing allows obese to lecture men weighing 60 kg because they can not do the required 57 kg.
  • The noise of the speed pear.
  • Michael Buffer and his famous Let's get ready to rumble.
  • When a boxer is touched under the belt, you never know if he is really suffering or if he is simulating.
  • The moment between reading the scores and announcing the name of the winner.