Are you smoker, why?
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No, I am not a smoker, and at 45 I am positive I’ll never become one.

I remember lighting 3 or 4 cigarettes in my entire life as errands for a relative or friend. I have never seen the point of inhaling poisonous smoke on purpose.

Besides the obvious health issues implied in such a practice, socially smoking is generally perceived as negative (I don’t know the exact percentage, but it may be around 20%). Most people do not smoke and most of them reject people who do. They dislike the smell, the attitude, the whole picture.

Even though smokers have built an image of control and glamour (which tobacco industries exploited in advertisement to allure the youth), I perceive them as the most insecure, desperate even. I have been depressed in my life, but not to the point of smoking (and I have even considered suicide!). Smoking is some sort of slow motioned suicide. It just does not make any sense to me.

I am not a drinker either, and I wonder if there might be some genetic predisposition to tolerating poison in our bodies. Maybe some of us can and some others cannot. In any case, when I see the economic burden that keeping that vice entails, the overall social rejection, and the lethal implications of keeping that vice with all the psychological trauma added to friends and relatives once the smoker is diagnosed with lung cancer or some other terminal diseases, I think the whole practice is brutally irrational and irresponsible.

Of course, there is always the chance that we are poisoning ourselves with more pleasurable and socially accepted things (such as soda drinks, which I don’t like much either or genetically modified common foods), but if we analyze the motivations people may have for smoking (unlike the motivation for, say, eating), it would be safe to say that some forms of poisoning can be unavoidable, where as smoking is.

I used to smoke and I used to promote smoking. I worked for a cigarette company many years ago and my job was to convert smokers from theirs on to mine. I was a sportsman and my job was to socialize in all the bars and nightclubs.

I am not an anti smoker as I believe alcohol does as much harm as well. There is so much pollution around today it must equate to smoking anyway. I know it is not good for you and is seen as anti social today.

I would love to have another cigarette but may have one if I drink only. I found it easy to quit and it was just a mind over matter. They say that it takes 7 years for your lungs to repair and I believe if you smoke then you must be aware of the dangers.

No, I've never smoked in my life! I've never put a cigarette in my mouth. But about 10 years ago they found my lungs full of nicotine. And you may wonder how this happened? Well, I'll tell you! 

My dad needed a kidney transplant and I was going to donate one of mine to him. In the process I had to have a lot of tests. I remember that in the final phase of these studies, I went to the cardiologist. I remember that I was very confident because, thank God, I have always been in excellent health. When the doctor put his cold stethoscope on my bare chest and put a face of a few friends, I realized that something was wrong. He told me if he had done some examinations with the pneumonologist and I told him that among the examinations required to operate on me was not the study of a pneumonologist. The cardiologist told me that in order to approve me, I had to go check my lungs, so I had to make an appointment and postpone the operation. When the pulmonologist checked my lungs, he immediately gave me some plaques and a test called basal spirometry which is a test that measures the volumes and flows of air that pass through the bronchi. By measuring how much air you exhale and how quickly you exhale, spirometry can evaluate a wide range of lung diseases. This test involves putting a device in your mouth and blowing. According to the height that you elevate a pelotica that is inside the apparatus, you can know how good your lungs are. Well, I tell you that blowing with all my lungs, I couldn't move even a little bit that ball. I couldn't believe it! When the doctor checked my plaques he found that my lungs were full of nicotine. The reason: my friends and my partner were heavy smokers! Without realizing it, I had been a passive smoker for many years, because of this, I could not donate the kidney to my parents because my lungs were damaged.

With this anecdote it is verified that although you have never smoked, perhaps silently, other people in your environment, are not only poisoning your air, also your lungs. 

I have never smoked in my life. Well, there are many reasons for this. My parents were pretty strict about it and they would give me a good whip if I did and they found out. My dad is a beast and he is not a man that I would wanna dare to disobey. Even though he smokes, he advices me that it's not something that I should be doing in my life.

Nowadays, I still don't smoke even though my dad is less strict with me for health but I go through lots of workout so it's not a good thing to smoke to maximize my workout capacity. I have to keep at top shape and the oxygen level needs to be at peak.

As a health freak in some ways and knowing the causes of smoking, I don't think I would wanna smoke. I think those videos got me real deep showing me the things that's gonna happen from smoking. The last reason is smoking is a very expensive hobby. As an investor, something that doesn't generate profit is definitely something not worth doing and investing in. One pack of smoke is gonna cost maybe 10 bucks and in a month is gonna be around 40 bucks and in a year around 400 bucks. Not really worth it.

I'm an ex smoker. I've been a smoker for years, although I've never smoked more than four cigarettes a day. I just couldn't smoke more, it felt bad. 

I gave up smoking like 9 years ago. I knew all the way that it's wrong but you just don't care. When you're young, you think it's cool to smoke. After a time you (at least some of us) realize you should stop before it kills you. 

Smoking is a very bad habit, it can cause a lot of illnesses and it can actually kill you.  

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Good choice after that and you could stop it :)

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No, I'm not.

1. It's unhealthy. Yeah, I know I do a lot of unhealthy thing too like taking too much processed sugar. And that's why I don't want to add another.

2. It's addictive. I have enough addictions to last me a lifetime. There's no need to add another.

3. It waste after money. I tried it before, I didn't like it. I think I coughed too much. Anyway, I think it's a waste of money. If I want to get really high, I would listen to music. Yeah. Music works for me.

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That's good life and good for your healthy..

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No. I am not a smoker. The reason I do not smoke is because smoking is not good for the health. Smoking damages the lungs and can lead to cancer. There are several diseases that smoking can cause including the ones that can do harm to the heart or the lungs.

Smoking is a habit that can not easily be stopped. It is an addictive habit that it takes only divine intervention from God before it is totally avoided.

This is the reason why I do not smoke.

I don't smoke because I know it's bad for health not just for myself but also for other people that could inhale the smoke. It's also a waste of money. If you will calculate your expenses on cigarettes it could be a lot of money.

Yes l am. Why? Because i can't quit. I started smoking because i wanted to try it. Then started enjoying it with drinks and then became regular with 5 a day. And i want to quit but cant. I have left it for long periods, even left it with the help of vapes. However, i am back to it. Strong advice. Dont try and quit as soon as you can.