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Which new tags you would like to suggest to add in musing?
Name any three tags you want to see in musing.

I think we need more tags and region specific tag should also be included where questions related to politics, govt issues, any sort of thing which is of local concern can be putforth here and if someone from that region knows the answers then he can answer it here in musing and I am sure the team are working  for this.

I want to see the following three tags in musing:-

  • india
  • travel
  • medicine

There are still many tags in my mind now but as you have asked to quote three tags, I have given the above three tags to be included in musing.

Regardless of what you ask, I strongly believe that country/region specific tags are must as it will not only boost musing with a way that more people from that region can join and question and answer each other and make this platform better and better.

Diversity of tags are equally important and we can take clues of popular tags from other Q&A platform and we can have a rough idea about the trending and highly engaged tags and accordingly can add them here in musing.

Musing is the best ever Q&A platform for sure and for all other outside of it also, it is the best as you can answers the question asked here and get paid at the same time. 

Thank you and Have a great day.