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Which one will you prefer- a centralized heaven or a decentralized hell?

I like this question! It points out the opposite of heaven and hell or what we have heard from our respective churches before. But on the other perspective, personally, I'd always like the idea of having a decentralized society. But others will argue about governing laws being essential for us to progress in unison and as a whole body. I think what we really need is freedom, freedom to do whatever we want to do but in accordance to the greatest laws of God.

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To answer this question I need to cover all the bases and for this I am going to test and see that if this question is even a valid one. 

First I must argue that this questions has a fundamental flaw which allows for a misinterpretation of its meaning. By this I simply mean to explore the fact that who claimed that decentralization was hell and who claimed that centralization was heaven. In fact there are many would make the case for the exact opposite to be true. For them decentralization is the only way to get close to utopia on Earth and centralization is a gradual decent into the purgatory. 

But I do not plan to continue this line of thought any further because my purpose here is not to argue your question but rather provide an answer that is comprehensive and covers all the bases. So let me start again by proposing that this question be answered using both heart and mind.

For me the answer to your question lies in the way that you or I want to lead our lives – As a free man or as a man chained by the world around him. This question is far deeper than it might seem to a casual reader because the answer to it carries within it the reflection of the singular most important factor to a conscious being – Freedom. I was reading the Lyceum address by President Lincoln and found these lines there:

“If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide”

These words may not be what this answer needs but they would sure as hell resonate true with a man defiant on his choice to stay free. There are burdens that a man might be unwilling to take because that would mean leaving your comfort zone and yet there are people who will forsake the easy path so that they can walk the difficult one. All for the simple fact that they couldn’t live with the easy choice.

So let me ask what Utopia means to us? Is it the life of decadence where the body is in all sort of comforts while the mind is chained to thoughtlessness and apathy? Or is a person closer to being free where their minds are free to walk the landscape of consciousness, no matter the condition of their body?

For me the choice has always been clear as day and I will take a free man’s stance as easily as I extend my hand for a shake. It comes to me instinctively and freely and perhaps this is the reason that it gets me riled up so easily when I see people doing the opposite. 

So my final answer is this –

If there comes a time when going the decentralization route means walking in ‘hell’ then I would still choose it every single time. At this point I don’t even want to defend my choice because I cannot help myself but walk that path. 

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Lols... Very funny question! A centralized heaven of course! 😀😀. The punishment in hell is just so unbearable such that no man can withstand it. Have you ever tried to burn yourself up by jumping inside a burning fire? Nah! It's never possible because you can't withstand the pain. But the sad reality about this is that hell fire is 70 times greater than the fire of this world... Why will anyone want to choose decentralized hell after knowing it's severe punishment.

As for centralized heaven, this is actually the goal of everyone. We all want to be amongst the people of paradise (heaven) because it is filled with lots of enjoyment with no sufferings. I hope we all attain paradise but most important we have to focus more on doing good deeds as this will help us attain success in the hereafter.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.