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Why people carry their babies in the left arm ?

You can actually carry your baby in any arm you feel is comfortable for you either left or right. I think most people usually find their left arm more convenient for them unlike their right arm such that when they feel weak using their left arm, they switch to their right arm.

Also, some people carry their baby on the left arm to enable them use their right arm for other productive things such as feeding the baby with his or her feeder or petting the baby or doing or sort of other things that will make the baby more happy while the baby is at rest on their left arm.

In conclusion, it actually depends on the arm that gives you more convenience when carrying your baby and also the hand used in engaging in some other activities. I am a type of person that loves using my right hand the most and this simply implies that I will have to use my left arm to carry the baby and I will use my right hand to engage in other activities.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Hmm! You observed correctly what many hardly notices!!

Well; because Babies are Precious , but they are Fragile and delicate. Their Parents therefore does Everything necessary to protect them from any form of harm.

Keeping them within the left hand keeps them secure and safe while the Right hand ibeing more powerful and more readily used is kept free to defend an anticipated attack of the baby from external foes of both baby and parent.

Now that you know , wouldn't you rather keep yours with your left hand??


Because it's closest to the mothers heart and the sound of it beating soothes the child