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Why some people who are serving their term in a prison commit suicide?

People who have been in prison run a higher risk of committing suicide; 18 times that of the general population. By far the highest risk of suicide comes in the first months after release and among individuals with a history of substance abuse and previous suicide attempts. The risk committing suicide in such a case may be due to variety of reason including the factors such as previous history of mental state and being born in which country.

The existence of certain other psychiatric diagnoses and the country of birth do affect the risk of committing suicide in a prison. Past or present substance abuse, previous suicide attempts and being born in certain country further increases the risk of suicide in persons who are serving a prison sentence.

Further, one possible explanation to such suicide cases is that those who have been in prison do not seek or receive treatment for their depression, which is thus under-treated. Another possible explanation is that it is primarily substance abuse and not depression that leads to suicide in individuals who have served/been serving a prison sentence.