Do men reject sex from women? Why? ?
Some guys are always looking to get the next girl. Do guys ever reject sex?

1. Discipline brought by religious mandate. 

2. They are exhausted to do anything else. 

3. They are on medications that prevent their libidos to get the better of them. 

4. They have psychological issues 

5. They have no interest in women. 

All valid in any order. 


1. She's not attractive enough for the guy.

2. The guy is very moral abiding, i.e. no extramarital sex no matter what.

3. The guy's a gay or asexual.

4. The guy was not in the mood for sex.


I have turned down sex only a few times. A couple times because she was not attractive to me at all. a couple times because I did not want to cheat on my wife.


Of course. I've implicitly and explicitly declined to have sex with a woman several times. It doesn't happen very often because it is not customary for women to ask men for sex and because women usually aren't that crazy about getting in the sack with a stranger who is not Brad Pitt, though. I've had women come on to me and have rejected them on at least the following grounds:

- too drunk

- too old

- not attractive enough

- didn't want to cheat on my partner

- had something to do and places to go to

- unpleasant body odour.


 Yes of course, not every man wants to have sex with a woman with low hygiene skills, or overreacted make up skills, to many surgeries face, and for many more reasons. Not all men change into brainless zombies who are only after sex!!

Like one time i was in Amsterdam with friends in a small coffee shop, and it was night. Then on one moment i sit down at the bar and role a joined, then to my surprise i saw next to me ,sitting a Italian Stewardess smoking some weed. We looked at each other and she smiled to me, then without saying one word, she passed me her joint. 

And because i wanted to be polite, i gave her my joint. Then out of the blue she said to me, your friends go home and you come home with me and she said that with a horny look in her face, i thought fuck?????

I told my friends what happen, and explain them that they must follow me and then il do the job fast and come back. They said no we are together and lets go have a party and forget her. Then i thought ok, they are right. Then i walked back to her and told her sorry, i cant do it. She said to bad and turned around!
So i rejected sex because i was with friends and could not abandon them, the funny part of this story is, ten minutes later i got caught by the police and brought to jail for one night. Because the police thought i was a suspect of a robbery what happened 30 minutes before, and the suspect looked like me. Then they surge my body for evidence and found teargas, what i brought to Amsterdam for protection. And that was illegal, and only for that they brought me to the police station to sleep one night!! Since that day i thought twice to rejected sex again!!

True story! But this was one of the many occasions i rejected sex, i rejected many times more for different reasons. This means, yeah men do reject sex but only for a very very very very good reason! 


When they happen to be gay would be a the most common answer.


I never have. I will take it where I can get it. I am not sure of a scenario where I would not want to have sex.