What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?

I like the comedy movie: " Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" - https://amzn.to/2I580PM

I remember when this movie came out when i was still a kid and it's still funny up to day. Normally i don't like comedy movies at all but this stuff is really provocative. The whole movie is basically a joke about Jews and third world countries. Very nice, i like!




For me it would be the Count of Monte Christo. It's an old movie about a poor man, Edmond Dantes, who was framed for a crime he didn't commit. As such he was sent to prison, leaving his newly engaged wife. In prison he met an old monk that taught him sword fighting, arts and how to be an upper clsssman. All the while digging out of the prison with their spoons.

After a few years, the monk died when their little escape cave collapsed on him. He died but not before giving the Edmond a map to hidden treasure.

Edmond found the treasure and went back to his hometown as a count to find the men that wronged him and have his vengeance.

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I have never watched a movie more than once. Except it's an old movie.

I am so not movie person so it's kinda quite difficult to watch a movie, let alone for the second time.

So I really don't know the movie I'd love to watch again

Why am I watched it again when I know what happened in the movie already.


One movie that I will never get tired of watching is Clueless, the 1995 coming of age comedy starring Alicia Silverstone and a young Paul Rudd. 

I know it's juvenile, a little shallow, and it's mostly for young adults. But, there's just something about watching a movie you loved when you were younger, at a time when you were still discovering yourself and coming of age like the characters in the movie, that puts a smile on my face. Maybe it's the idea of youth, its vibrant energy and hopefulness that I can't get enough of. It's just a wonderful feeling being and being taken back and reminded of those happier and simpler times. That's probably why I couldn't ever get tired of watching that movie, despite having seen it so many times over the years.


Don't know if this counts but Band Of Brothers was made into a series and I watch it quite often. It is based on  a true story and it is the best war film that has been made. Luckily when it was made they had the real people who the  characters were based on help them out with the factual parts which is described in amongst the filming.


Anchorman . Its just so funny. So many hidden jokes everytime you watch it.  

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There are several movies that I enjoy watching even I have it several times already.

I enjoy watching comedy action movies such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.

I like classic films and live action movies as well.


There are so many movies in the list, but the "The Pursuit of Happyness" is my fav. one. I have watched it number of times already and I can watch it over and over. I like the acting and story - overall movie. It's master piece. 


One movie that I've watched again and again is the "dream girls". It's an old black American film and has beyonce in it. the vocal abilities of the acts was truly awesome. I love the film because of the music in it. I do love musical films and dream  is one of such films


Black Panther, i would never get tired off watching this movie. I loved this  movie that i watched it more than 10 times already. Actually i love watching this kind of movie which contains mystery, magic, adventure, action along with a beautiful story. And fortunately Black Panther is a full package if you want all this in a single movie.

When it comes to marvel, there is no complain. Just watch and be amazed. Love the way the execute the story. Specially those post credit scene and reference. 


I've been in love with the movie "3 idiots" that I never really get tired watching it.

Just when everytime I watch it, it has a lot of life dramas that I totally relate very much. I also feel the emotions of the actors and actresses playing their roles. It has a lot to tell.

I am also an Engineering graduate and I totally feel everything on the movie. I cried a lot of times not only because I am an emotional person but also how the movie was directed. It is truly wonderful, no wonder why they've received so much awards domestically and internationally.

Truly and amazing movie. The life of Ranchoddas, Farhan, and Raju were all different but has portrayed a true life experience to engineering students. Most of the scenes are pretty much realistic that we totally relate.


These 2 are my favorites, The brothers Grimsby, and the ridiculous 6. i dont know what they have low rating reviews. ive watched this multiple times already and its still funny AF.


Well, I have seen a lot of movies/series that I love so much and will never get tired of watching it over and over, but there's this particular one that keeps playing in my head. It has refused to go away maybe because I could relate to it.

"A walk to remember" is my all time favourite. Great script and great actors like Shane West and Mandy Moore plus the song track titled "Only Hope" is out of this world.

This movie made me believe that everyone can find true love irrespective of who you are or what you are passing through. It taught me that Love can always find you.