What do you do when Bitcoin price crashes?

If the rest of crypto keeps on rising, ride it out.

If the rest of the market follows, roll into a ball in the corner and cry for days.

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Absolutely nothing. I have invested my money in cryptos a few months ago and now I am not in the position of neither selling, nhore buying anymore. I am just witnessing the "blood bath" of crypto and sometimes write my thoughts on Steem. That's my reaction. The fact that I am "that chill" is due to my investment. I haven't invested in Bitcoin and it seems that I was inspired. Most of my invested money are on a crypto that seems to be doing pretty good during this time and I can't say I am stressed at all. I see this crashes as simple numbers changing on a screen. A few months from now they will be the same as the September short fall was when China banned Bitcoin. It happens all the time and there will always be ups and downs. No crypto or asset can go in straight line. This crypto thing is a bumpy road and you have to be prepared for that if you wanna earn money out of it. 


When the price of bitcoin goes down, the first thing to do is don't panic. Because with our panic, it will make us confused in acting, we will be wrong to lose.

The importance of analysis in this case, therefore, analysis first, what we must do.

If I, if bitcoin goes down, I will still hodl. And buy more bitcoin. Why ? Because when bitcoin goes up again, to the same price or even more, we will get a big profit. That way the loss will be far from us.


Just hope for the best we believe crypto is our future . I don't care BTC price down fall i believe is rise in June and crypto become future currency . 

More important thing  is Now it is time to purchase crypto as much as you can if you buy this time its mean you earn more in future . 

If we Saw the Past experience when people thing crypto is bubble but when its boost they all going to start buy .

I believe because lot of money invest in crypto by big whales and its billion dollars. So its also control by big whale .Its need investment . Now due to its downfall lot of people start buying crypto and in June its rates going rise .

Steemit is good plate form where you just need to create content and earn crytpo so its doesn't matter price rise and down . Because people earn though writing . Its put impect if downfall came but its not much because people not invest own money.

But game will change sudden when big whale start investing and BTC again reach to moon.


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Then, i will sell it if the price is rising.


Well I sure do not sell at a loss. I may curl up in a ball and cry but I have faith that the prices will rebound someday. It is just a matter of when. Crypto markets move very fast so you have to stay on top of it or you will lose you chance to sell for a profit. 


You buy when it's cheap and sell when it's expensive. Most people fail to do that because of their emotions.

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