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With the amount of stablecoin, in near future this will give our old banking system the run of theirs money oops i mean coin... Could we see a new breed of banking? Stablecoin and crypto banks?

 In my  opinion, in the near future we will not be able to defeat the current  monetary system, because it has mushroomed to the roots.

However, there are some of the best choices that might appear to "improve" the current monetary system as given by "Ripple".

Therefore,  I am also not very sure that Stablecoin (such as Tether) was able to  become a solution for the banking system because there were many  scandals behind Stablecoin.

Maybe, someday a  coin will emerge that can truly unite the traditional financial system  with the blockchain, and will revolutionize a cleaner, faster and  cheaper financial system.