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Which song do you find the most annoying? ๐Ÿ˜…?

Anything that uses so much autotune that you can actually hear it. ย If you sing so poorly that you need to have a computer bend your vocals that much...you should not be singing professionally.


I am a teacher, and so anything that becomes the new craze really gets into my head and its all I can think off!

Last year it was 'Baby Shark' - if you havent heard then search it up, if you dare!

In the past it has been 'What did the Fox say' - that song would just grind my gears!

And probably the most annoying song in the world is anything by Crazy Frog!


As a school social worker in an elementary school, one of my jobs is to teach social emotional lessons within classrooms each week. ย My district recently moved from lessons I created to a boxed program.

In this boxed program there are songs each week that are to be used to reinforce concepts that were taught. ย The majority of lessons in the lower elementary level, have a song each lesson. ย These songs are silly and catchy to help them "stick" in the children's heads. ย Upper elementary lessons even have silly music videos (which most kids don't even know about a true music video theses days). ย 

Not only do these songs get stuck in the student's heads that I work with, but also mine. ย I find them most annoying when they are stuck in my head at night or on the weekends. ย Several times a week, I will fall asleep to those songs in my head. ย I find all of the songs annoying, however, I know they are important to the success of my students.


all kinds of boy band songs that are male singers but they behave like women, they are colorful I don't like it and also they say too


That oombop song by the Hanson brothers.