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Are there any universities with Crypto or Blockchain Clubs?

Yes... There are some schools in Nigeria which are very in support of cryptocurrency and blockchain. This has enabled some students amongst them to create some different clubs whereby people come together and brainstorm more about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Most Steemians are very much in number in some universities and this makes them interact and learn from each other in the Steem club. These people come together and interact with other Steemit clubs in other universities to see a way of developing the blockchain system. A good example is that of SIN2 (Steemit in Nigeria) whereby every Steemians in Nigeria are able to meet together in a certain place in the country.

There is high chance every University in the world now creates and develops cryptocurrencies and blockchain clubs for students because cryptocurrency is now something ubiquitous such that everyone wants to be part of it.

In conclusion, yes! There are universities with blockchain clubs and this can be found in some Nigerian Universities which I have observed.


Yes. I know UBC in Vancouver here has one.


Most universities now have them, as do most most colleges, highschools and probably a few grade/middle schools.

Any place that has more than 1 person interested in crypto is going to have a club whether it be formal or informal. They can meet in dedicated rooms, lunch rooms, dorm rooms or just hang out by the jungle gym and talk.

As there are a LOT of universities, including top end ones such as Princeton, Duke, University of California - Berkley, that are actually offering full courses in crypto and blockchain technology you can be assured there are clubs at those universities


Yes. They have sprung up all over the place. At school we used to have an investment club which  dealt with stocks and shares. I know they have crypto sessions now instead and it is very popular.

Universities are now offering courses in crypto investing and understanding the markets. They would be studying charts and trends and new ico's. The world is changing right in front of us and crypto is gaining a foothold. Soon it will be mainstream and will be part of everyone's lives.