As a writer, what is your biggest source of inspiration?
Your past experience, detailed research, travel?  What is your writing inspiration and what do you write about?

Funny as it may sound, I'm not really sure there's a "particular thing" that inspires me most to write.

My writing inspiration however is very unique. I write only "when the time is right". When the time is right is actually relative.

It could be "any time". Any time could be while observing my daily prayers, bathing, walking or even seeing something happen around, especially to humans.

Because of this, I tend to refer to myself as a lazy writer despite that, I run my blog site with stories, consistently from me a d contributors.


My inspiration for writing comes from my daily life experience or witness. Sometimes I get inspiration from books.


Actually writing seems to be fun to me maybe it's because I love writing and it becomes very difficult for you to stop what you love doing even though you might not need any means of motivation or incentive to make you do what you love doing.

Sometimes, my inspiration comes naturally from my mind maybe by thinking about something which pops into my mind. The best way to voice it out is by writing. This is why I always love staying at quite places where I won't be disturbed by anyone because a cool and silent environment makes me think more whenever I intend to write and whenever I write articles. This feeling mostly occurs in the morning and night though maybe because I am always busy with other activities in the afternoon.

My source or inspiration can also come from the kind of experience I had encountered with people or environmental influence. There are also times where by the inspiration comes as a result of what I have heard or seen from what's happening around my environment or vicinity.

I actually write about anything that crosses my mind so as to share my thoughts with people around the world with the help of writing. I write randomly irrespective of any topics or niche that may be developed from my mind. I don't actually write articles whenever I am hungry or in bad mood because it really affects my level of concentration during writing. How do you expect my brain to come up with serendipitous articles when I am hungry?.. Nah.. It's not just possible.

I also write to earn money. What can be a great inspiration other than you getting rewarded with some cool cash after performing your tasks. The more the money, the bigger the source of inspiration 😀.

In conclusion and nutshell, my inspiration for writing actually varies depending on my schedule, free time, environment and monetary rewards. I actually write about anything that crosses my mind which has to do with motivating people or making people successful or making explicit tutorials via writing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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Since I am one of the writers who wrote each of my works on several platforms that are based on Steem Blockchain, I need inspiration for writing ideas that I will write later. sometimes, the idea can come from an unexpected source, for example, from the problem that is happening to you, from your experience and from other unexpected things that we cannot mention all. In this paper, I tried to collect some favorite ways to get my inspiration in writing on several platforms based on blockchain steams.

I usually write each of my works according to what I have known before, for example based on quotes that I have read on social media or elsewhere. Because that's where I got a lot of aspirations in writing, I learned to write by making the first work by reading a lot of quotes from blogs and social media. That's where I learned how to write each of our best works every day without having to take other people or do acts of plagiarism because we can look for aspirations from each post displayed by people who are great at writing.

Writing is not easy, it takes calm and patience in writing down every idea that you will write later. Therefore, never stop reading even though you are already very good at writing because by reading we get a lot of aspirations to make our own handiwork. And we can also learn a lot from each work made by other people, because from them our latest ideas will appear to write our best work later. And the point is that now you can look for aspirations to make your writing from every other blog and social media so that you get lots of ideas in writing your best work.


I like to draw my inspiration from every day life.  Of course, everyday life can be pretty boring most of the time just doing to work, coming home and eating then going to sleep.  In the Summer when the weather gets better things really start to pick up.  I have been writing since I started on Steemit about the things that interest me.  Camping, fishing, do it yourself projects, cooking, grilling, eating, my dog, cryptocurrency, blockchain.  You name it if I am interested in it, I will probably write about it.  I keep thinking I need to get out and play some disc golf again soon so I can write a post about it.  I don't think I went at all last Summer.  I need to make sure that doesn't happen this summer.  I think a lot of people might confuse motivation for inspiration when they answer this question.  The rewards are the motivation for sure, but as I said, the inspiration comes from the everyday things, those small moments that we sometimes easily overlook.  I know I am guilty of that all the time.  For example, last night I made a great pasta dish and the process to make it would have been a great post.  I wasn't thinking though and before I knew it, I had it all made and I hadn't taken a single picture.  It's those fleeting times that I do remember to take pictures that I can craft some of my greatest posts.




my source of inspiration is the story of the story of the successful people from their efforts and struggles in achieving success