Do you think Trump will win the presidential race in 2020?
What do you think? Will Bernie Sanders put up a good fight or will Trump take the election?

Righ now the question of President Donald Trump winning the next presidential election, in my opinion, is sort of 50-50 chance with certain events able to swing the probability either way.

For instance, the Muller report.

After announcing the content of the report claiming there was indeed no collusion between DT and the Russians, I guess its safe to say the momentum is back on the presidents side.

But then again the statement that it does not clear the president of obstruction of justice is another thing that can be used by the Democrats against him.

And then again another factor that really offset thing is the finall choice of candidate for the democrats.

It's all pretty interesting at the moment, but I think if I were President Trump I would fancy my chances in the coming times, seeing as he has thr favor of being the incumbent and all.

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