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Is Bitcoin or gold a better investment?
Bitcoin and gold are now viewed as stores of value. Gold has thousands of years of status as money and value.  Bitcoin has 10-years.  Which is a better investment in these uncertain times?

Both are Good Investment Choice, but I would prefer to invest in Bitcoin as compare to Gold. There are some pro ans cons of both, Which I will cover in my answer.

Pros of Bitcoin Investment-:

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. it have lots of advantages over Fiat currency.
  • Bitcoin Circulation supply is well know where total amount of Gold in world is still Unknown, due to limited circulation supply its price will increase more faster than Gold.
  • Bitcoin can be used for daily needs like shopping, you can use Bitcoin on Purse.io to buy Amazon Products.
  • Bitcoin is More secure than Gold, nobody can theft it, Until and Unless you disclose your wallet confidential key.

Cons of Bitcoin Investment.

  • It is not a legal tender in countries like India, only in few countries use of Bitcoin is legal.
  • Government think Bitcoin will kill the fiat currency therefore most of the countries are against of Bitcoin.
  • Lost of passphrase key of wallet, means loss of Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin is very volatile as compare to Gold.

Pros of Investment in Gold.

  • Gold is global recognized currency, it can take the place of fiat currency,in case of collapse of  any country economy. Hyperinflation of Zimbabwe is best example of breakdown of fiat currency.
  • Most secure Investment less volatile as compare to Bitcoin.
  • In countries like India anybody can get fast loan on against Gold.

Cons of Investment in Gold.

  • Chance of Theft, if you do not have store it on secure place.
  • For good return you have to hold it for long ti