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What celebrity of news service will come to Steemit next?
Russia Today has begun publishing on Steemit. Who is next?

Questions are asked to Steemit

What celebrity news services will come to Steemit next? As we all know, steemit is now very popular among users of the blockchain-based platform, with that popularity, in the future Steemit will be increasingly recognized by the wider community to join and work in this steemit. So that in the future we can share in the little income we can get by making works in this steemit so that unemployment is not reduced at all.

At present, there are a lot of stealth blockchain communities that have promoted steemit to the wider community so that they know that in steemit we can make works where our works are valued by getting a little reward given to every work we write on this steemit platform . Since steemit was launched, which was in 2016, there were very many people who had come to play but some of them no longer played because of the lack of knowledge about steemit so they did not want to know much about this steemit.

For future plans, I am sure that Steemit is one of the most used social media by people who use social media. Because in addition to getting rewards every time we write a work in Steemit we can also get to know many other Steemit users by joining a number of Stealth Blockchain communities in several places and one of them is in Indonesia called the Indonesian Steemit Community. In essence, in the morning, steemit users who are still active today, never stop writing your best work because in the future the steamer has prepared this big discourse about steemit.