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Will blockchain technology help aliveate wealth inequality and over-reliance on banks?
Traditional credit-based banking helps to reinforce wealth-inequality.  Will cryprocurrency usage help? 

I'm not entirely sure how the blockchain is supposed to help battle wealth inequality seeing as the major investors in the blockchain are wealthy people, if anything it equally encourages it just as much as the banking system does.

If you ask me, I think cryptocurrency can create new sources of income for both the wealthy and the poor and it's up to the people who belong to these classes to decide if they'll take advantage of the situation or not. I mean wealthy people who know a thing or two about staying wealthy have already begun investing massively in cryptocurrency, while the poor or lower class are skeptical of it and that's only going broaden the wealth inequality.

The over dependence of banks on the other hand is something that will actually reduce because one the prices of cryptocurrencies become as stable as normal fiat, banks will probably begin to face stiff competition from cryptocurrency equivalents.

I hope this helps.

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 Yes, It will be good if we remove banks because now a days in India banks are not good. As per banking norms banks are custodian, which mean banks can take care of our money can not put ownership on our money. The way Indian banks send notice to their account holder over crypto trading even tough there were no regulation on crypto in India, banks are treating like money invested by customer was their money even though case is pending in court over regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

One of the major disadvantages of banks is cost and little bit time consuming. banks are also not fast as compare to crypto transaction like Ripple XRP and Stellar Lumens which are purely finance based cryptocurrency. Crypto like Steem are bridging the gap between rich and poor by providing equal opportunity to all, In poor countries especially in Africa and Asia Region people are doing well on Steem platform and treating as full time job. Steem is providing job opportunity in countries where government unable to provide employment to their people. Blockchain technology is our future the day will come when people not use government currency and then government will accept and regulate crypto. 


No. Because blockchain technology need the investment of the wealthy people of our world in order to thrive. Take steemit for instance, without the huge investment of some wealthy people in the world it won't have been able to survive this stormy period. So their is no way that blockchain technology will remove the inequality in wealth distribution because it needs the money of the wealthy individuals of the world in order to survive and those wealthy individuals will most certainly reap a huge benefit for their investment than any other person

Banks can never be replaced by blockchain technology because it's more reliable, scalable, fast and trustworthy than blockchain

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