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Would you fly on a Boeing 737-Max?
After two crashes, a scandal and over 300-dead, would you fly on a Boeing 737-Max?

I will fly with this Boeing 737-Max again if I want to go abroad, because not all of these types of aircraft will have accidents only those who have been destined to fall will fall. The Boeing 737-max plane crash a few months ago made a lot of passengers who began to be afraid to ride the type of aircraft, they were afraid there would be an accident like that again even though the accident could happen anytime and anywhere not necessarily on the Boeing 737-Max aircraft only

We have to believe that one of the most minimal vehicle accidents is aircraft, whatever the type of aircraft is very few that crash so that the aircraft has been named the safest vehicle in the world. It's just that a short time ago the Ethiopian airline aircraft that had the type of Boeing 737-Max had an accident because of damage to one of the engines on the plane so that an accident occurred, namely the crash of the plane that made a lot of people very afraid to get back on Boeing 737- The Max.

The point is that we should not be afraid to get back on a Boeing 737-max plane, whatever the name of the plane, because the accident did not occur on the plane but on each plane there will be an accident if the aircraft is having problems with the engine or whatever. And never to travel by plane because the plane is one of the most minimal vehicle accidents.

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