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What makes you a different kind of leader?
That well-known adage "pioneers are made, not conceived" is valid for me

in my profession Ive needed to figure out how to be a pioneer. A few exercises were harder than others.

Here's a couple I've learned in business (in no specific request)

• settle on choices in light of realities, not feelings

• really think about individuals. tune in to there issues. At that point apply stage 1 above

• draw a line between being a companion and a pioneer. It's difficult to be both

• set aside your inner self. stay open to instruction. Everybody can show you something

• get your hands filthy. Never request that somebody accomplish something that you're not willing to do yourself

• regard your subordinates. EVRYONE has an individual weight they convey.

• Openly bolster the bearing of the organization. At that point address your worries Secretly with your manager.

• never bargain your uprightness. Do and say what's privilege despite the fact that it may not be famous

Being a pioneer does not occur without any forethought. ive took in these things over a multi year vocation, I'm still l learning.
What makes me a different kind of leader is that i am very courageous and i am not afraid of failures

I will not expect others to do what I wont do. 

If I give  a task to someone I know what it involves as I have done it before. That way everyone who works for me knows what i expect and have their respect.

I have always been hands on and if  a problem arises I will get involved to solve it. I care for my staff and always put them first. I see everyone as part of one big family and we all sink or swim as  a unit.

I think this is why all the staff are happy and prepared to work so hard. No one is more important and we do things together. I have always been like that and expect to be respected for what I do through my actions and not my position.


The one thing that most leaders don't have and that is honesty. That makes me stand out and a different kind of leader...