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What does a man feel when he loves a woman and she does not?

It's one of the worst feelings in the world knowing that you love a person but they don't love you back. It's even worse for guys seeing as society demands that we should be hard and tough and not show too much emotion, so it feels terrible when we actually see a person that makes us want to show emotions but know that she'll never show us the same emotions in return.

The sad thing about it is that we can't control who we fall for so we're stuck being in love with you until one day the feeling dies away and it doesn't die quickly. The constant fear of rejection that comes with knowing that this person will most definitely reject us if we make a move as well as the pain that comes with rejection when we sum up the courage to make a move and still get rejected is something that I don't wish upon my worst enemy.

It's a terrible feeling knowing that you love a woman and she doesn't love you back, for guys it's like putting money into a faulty vending machine and waiting for the food to come out, but it never does. All you can do is just wait and hope that the pain as well as the love you feel passes.


Many of the guys who ever loved ladies that do not reciprocate with their love in return usually develop a feeling of betrayal and self esteem and loneliness. And this is what constitute most rape cases witnessed in our societies today. In Patriarchal societies a man with his wealth would marry the woman against her feelings and will.

It is normal for a lady to not love a man in return because of numerous reasons. Perhaps, the woman might be choosy in nature, or it may be that the woman already has a man who she has given all her love to. It is will too much asking the woman to become disloyal to her man.

And it is very normal and better and advisable for a man whose love is not reciprocated to move on. Because 'loving back' is not normally a measure of self worth and esteem. There may be a better woman waiting out there, or maybe the woman is not worth the man's love in the first place.


The woman may not respond well at first. However, they always test men if they are the right person or not. Women want to be secure and feel comfortable with their lover. 

The man should make a move to attract her attention so that the woman is aware of his interest. 

The man should not give up easily and show to woman he is there for her whenever she needs. Love may be  built by this interest later on. 

There are many events woman is not loving first and fall in love later on.