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What number of people are using musing.io consistently?
Any official subtleties on traffic and question asked on musing.io?

It maybe quite difficult to tell the number or users making use of Musing consistently because we have numerous users who can't do without visiting Musing everyday. I know of some consistent musing users and I am also proud to be one of them. Let me just mention few of them which includes @julietisreal, @rasamuel, @bozz, @cryptoandcofee, @abidemiademok21, @anscentop, @hardaeborla, and many other consistent users like that because I can't name them all.

To determine the number of people using musing.io consistently, it varies in number per day because some days we may have large amounts of people and some day they may be reduced depending on the schedule of each individuals. I am very sure we have more than 100 consistent users on Musing who visit musing.io everyday.

You can get more information and stats about musing from the below link or you can either check the screenshot for easy convenience https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/musing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


This was a question which i had in mind some weeks ago so i googled it and i found a website called "stateofthedapps.com" and when i checked the platform i discovered we could

check the statistics of any dapp and i searched for the statistics of musing.io and i discovered that there are more than one hundred and

twenty active users on musing.io and sincerly that was above my expectation and i believe this platform will still do better in the future....

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Not sure about official data but according to stateofdapps, daily active users of Musing are 138.

Link: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/musing


Actually nobody knows the actual number of people using musing.io but I believe we are more than 100 or close to 200 users.

We are growing and I see us reaching 200 before the end of this year.