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Most people have different misconceptions about failing or failure. They believe that once you do not achieve a certain goal tag or become successful or perhaps not taking the first position in class, then you are a failure. If that is so, then so many people in the world are failures.

A failure is one who has deliberately written himself off and decided to become a failure. A failure is one who makes himself a failure. The world doesn't make anyone a failure. Failures are made by failures. If you think or say you are a failure, then you are not wrong, you are actually a failure.

You must understand that failure is not the opposite of success. So just because you fail at something doesn't make you a failure. A failure is one who refuses to rise after falling down. A failure is one who decides to give up.

People have misunderstood what failure is to be what it is not.

You must understand that failure is part of the process of achieving success. All the successful people you see have once failed in a way before but they didn't give up. Giving up means subscribing to failure, and that is only when you can be tagged a failure.


Before I answer who a failure is, I would like to say who a failure isn't.

Most people have the misconception that a failure is when someone can achieve a desired goal laid down for achievement, but that isn't really a failure.

A failure doesn't mean failing, a failure is failing and not willing to rise again, You don't fail when you fall, you fail when you refuse to stand up.

Most people feel successful people don't know what failure is, that they don't experience it, but success is defined as " moving from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm" without loosing the will power to try again.

Failure is when you stay down after the fall.



Failure is not a name attached to anyone, it's the kind of attitude that one keeps that makes him or her a failure. The word "failure" comes from the word "fail" which means for a someone to be regarded as a failure he or she must have experience a fail , then the attitude one portray after that makes him either a failure or not. Usually a failure is someone who respond negatively to failure. It means a person who refuse to press on after encountering roadblocks, rejection and fails.

Everyone fails in life as long as he or she tend to try out something, which means everything human is placed in this two categories of either a Victor or failure. A man who try marketing a new product and experience a low turnout,he automatically believes marketing is not for him and refuses to try again, he even go as far as believing his fate is not attached to business. This negative feedbacks on the account of such past fail makes him a failure.

So in a simpler form,a failure is anyone who allows rejection and fails hinder his dreams


There is literally nothing else that can make somebody a failure. There can be frustrations, misfortunes, lamenting, deciets, disease, difficulties, destitution however none of these or whatever else can make you a failure.

For the vast majority failure is the point at which they are not ready to accomplish something that is characterized as progress for them by others. What they regularly don't understand is that they can be (or are as of now) fruitful in their own specific manner.

Additionally not accomplishing a specific objective (Assuming this was an objective set without anyone else's input not by others) doesn't make you a failure in life. Life is far greater than that. You may have prevailing in numerous different routes throughout your life and might have even prevailing with regards to gaining from your perceived failures.

Nowadays achievement is generally connected to cash, profession, looks, social associations, material belongings, impact, flawlessness, perfect family and so forth so when individuals miss these they will in general think they have fizzled. Be that as it may, there is a lot more to life than these and you can have none of these and still be fruitful throughout everyday life.

Most critical thing is that you don't rely upon others to either direct what achievement( or failure) is for you or to look for endorsement from them of your prosperity.


Failure is a school that everyone who wants to be really successful must pass through.By using the lessons it teaches us to become better versions of ourselves.

The problem is that in the school of failure not many people learn their lessons hence they keep repeating the same mistakes easily resulting in discouragement when things don't go their way so they give up trying.

It matters not how many times you fall or fail but how many times you stand up when you do.The great Albert Einstein failed 10,000 times before he got one working light bulb.Many successful people have failed their way to the top.

So we should never be discouraged to be tagged as failures because i believe life does not give us challenges we can't handle.We just need to have faith in ourselves coupled with hardwork to change the status quo


A failure is simply an individual who refuses to try again. A failure is not a person who fails but a person who refuses to get back up. 

To fail at some point in one's life is eminent cause we are all humans. No matter how many times you fail, you are never a failure so long as you keep trying to succeed.

Michael Faraday failed in his attempts for many times but he kept on fighting and trying and he is finally one we celebrate and reckon today (electricity).

So, a failure is one who lets failure keep him down.


 If we will see in the many directions of the failure definition then we will see the difference between failing or failed. Some failed in class or someone failed in the mission there who manage a plan. If our plan is not successful then we feel like failures.

On the other way, failure become in a relationship. They didn't fulfill all the responsibilities of family or friends. Well, it all depends on someone how they treat family If we can't survive with happily then we feel that failed in life due to our carelessness and didn't take care of a relation properly.

There are so many reasons for a failure person that due to become called failure. But this comes into life to teach you what's wrong and right. We choose wisely the right way of life, however, we will follow the right path to become successful in life 


A failure is anyone that stops trying and writes himself/herself off. The moment a person stops believing in himself and his dreams, that's the moment such person starts accepting a failure and anyone that accepts failure has made himself/herself a failure because acceptance of failure stops most people from ever trying to get back on their feet.

Falling doesn't make one a failure because everyone man fails at a point in their lives, but remaining on the ground and allowing the fall define your life is what makes one a failure


I think the answer to this question is personal, that is, everyone has their own definition of failure. However, here is mine, maybe my definition of failure will allow you to forge yours.

For me, a failure is giving up. Or at least give up without giving all that one has. It's also not learning from mistakes.

To miss something, not to achieve a goal, they are not failures. These are the facts of life, things that happen to everyone, from nothing to the best of us. These are just experiences. On the other hand, what turns an experience into a failure is when you throw in the towel. As long as you do not throw in the towel, every failure, every failure, every misstep is actually a breakthrough.

As Edison said about his invention of the light bulb, he did not fail 10,000 times, he just found 10,000 ways to not do it. If he had given up the 9,999th time, that would have been a failure.

However, sometimes we are faced with an impasse, a situation in which we have given everything we have (at the moment) without being able to succeed. There is still a way to not really fail, it is to learn from your mistakes to progress and become better, in order to succeed next time. If we do not learn from an experience, here again it is a failure outright.

So, to sum up, give all you have, and try to learn from your mistakes, and you will never really fail.


A failure is anyone who has giving up on trying. Someone who believes less about his capabilities and relies on the discomfort of past failures. A failure is someone who has made up in his mind to play it safe and at all cost avoid going the old path which seems impossible.

At first everyone try to make up something good out of their life until they encounter constraints and roadblocks. Unfortunately only few people move ahead afar that roadblocks, while majority use it as a point of reference to why someone can't succeed. To some those past failures becomes their stepping stone to new and better strategies and as a force that propel them to think above their present level while most people, it becomes a point where they move no further, they choose to believe that it is fate speaking to them on what wouldn't work, this kind of persons are who are refer to as failures.

This is not because they failed ,it is because they stopped trying.


@Duchessrita, In my opinion, people who quit and give up can be called as failures because no matter how many times we fail until we continue we are fighter and will win. Stay blessed. 🙂


Surrendering. Always feeling that something won't work out then deciding not to try and attempt.

Individuals who succeed are individuals who continued proceeding onward regardless of their disappointment. When somebody is viewed as a disappointment it implies they abandoned one thing which prompted surrendering in one more and again.

The reason for this is our conviction framework. Continually trusting that something won't work out in light of the fact that you have fizzled various occasions will dishearten you from doing it. This idleness doesn't generally uncovered anything over the long haul and with this, we have failure..

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