Is there a cure for cancer now?

Right now, there's no 100% cure for cancer . However, ongoing advances in medicine and technological nnovation are helping draw us nearer than at any other time to a cure....

We also need to know that there is a difference between cure and remission,many people mistake cure for remission...

A cure dispenses with all mannner of traces of cancer from the body and guarantees it won't return.

Remission actually implies there are few to no indications of a cancer in the body.

Complete remission actually implies there aren't any perceptible indications of side effects of cancer.

In any case, cancer cells can stay in the body, even after total reduction. This implies the cancer can return. At the point when this occurs, it's for the most part inside the initial five years after treatment.

A few specialists utilize the term "cured" when alluding to cancer that doesn't return inside five years. In any case, cancer can at present return following five years, so it's never genuinely restored.

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No. You can go into remission though. A state where no clinical and biological markers are detectable enough to indicate you have it. But once you have it, there's always a potential for it to come back. 


There is no international acclaimed cure for cancer whatsoever. There are advanced sesearch progress made towards its cure, but no sure Conclutions yet.

It should be noted that cancer could be managed by various remedial therapeutics, but not Curative ; especially if the cancer is diagnosed and attended when it has not become belicose and malignant.


No, there is not. And it's unlikely that we will ever find a cure for cancer, since it's a huge group of diseases that attacks the body in lots of different manner. This means that we most likely have to develop cures or treatments for each different type, and there is no wonder cure that cures all cancers.