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Let me know you, I'm a Nigerian, how about you?
You can more about yourself.

Hi hi... I am from Malaysia. A really far place from Nigeria. I have not been to Nigeria but there are Nigerians here in Malaysia. Well, Malaysia is a multi racial country. The country that has oil like Nigeria has. I have seen stats That Nigeria is one of the richest African nations in the world, correct me if I am wrong.

Malaysia is located at the equator with water surrounding everywhere we are at. There are two neighboring countries to Malaysia, which are Singapore and Brunei and also Indonesia. There is a mix of different religious practise in my country which is Buddhism, Christianity and also Islam. Food is also infused with different flavors. There is Indian food in Malay restaurants and Chinese food made by Muslims by halal. Even though Malaysia is considered as an Islamic country, if you do come here for a visit, it doesn't look like an Islamic country at all. Women can choose to wear the hijab or choose not to.


I am Hungarian. I live in Hungary. I didn't visited any foreign country so far. I am 26 years old (I was born on 1992.09.17). 


I am from Philippines, so basically I am a Filipino. My country is located at the Southeast Asian region which is one of the countries that makes up ASEAN. It has more than 7,100 islands which makes Philippines an archipelago.

I am 35 years old, and stays at the province of Pangasinan my entire life. I am single but I am in a relationship. That's all I cam share for now as I spare some facts about myself, since this is internet. As we know there are anlot of lurkers who victimize people online.


Hi there, I'm a Nigerian. I come from Anambra state but I reside in Port Harcourt. Are you new in this platform ?. If you are I'd like to welcome you but if you aren't I'd still like to welcome you to the new year.

I'd like to know more about you to and I'm looking forward to answering more questions from you.