As the younger child,is it okay to get married before your older siblings?

Yes, there's nothing wrong in that. In my culture there's no ranking among siblings. At the beginning of the 20th century maybe the oldest was the first hi had to marry and only after that could the second sibling get married but that's old school now.

You marry when the time comes, when you find your better half, no one is making you wait till your oldest sibling gets married.

Times are changing and so are people. I truly hope other cultures are changing too and people can regain their freedom, so they don't have to do what elders tell them. Each of us should decide and do what's best for him/herself.


When it comes to the issue of marriage, anyone can marry before his or her siblings because there are some opportunities that we should not let go.

So anyone can marry at any time, You need not wait for your elder siblings to marry before you marry just because there are older than you. You might not have the luck to come by a suitable soulmate that easily.

Growing up , I was meant to know that 'Delay is dangerous' , therefore when we happen to come by a marriage opportunity where we know that we are dealing with true love we do not have to let it pass us by.


I think that getting married should not be based on who is the oldest or the youngers. Getting married should depends on if you are ready or mature for it or it is really based on your free will.

I am aware of an old saying or belief that if the youngest marry first, the oldest or older siblings will less likely to get married. But I do not believe on that.

I knew some who are older and still got married even their younger siblings were married before them.


Wel as the youngest child,Getting married before your older siblings should not be a problem at all because it is your sole decision to get married and you have the rights to get married whenever you want...

Though after doing some research i found out that there are some african cultures and traditions whereby it is considered as a taboo for the youngest child of a family to get married before his or her older siblings get married too..

I believe that such traditions sound weird and i believe that it is wrong because it tampers with the rights of the child that have decided to marry but cannot do it because his or her older siblings have not married...


There was a time in my culture whereby getting married among the siblings has to be in a specific order. Basically, the order is based on age ~ older sibling has to get married first prior to the younger siblings.

Nowadays, it isn't the case anymore. The belief about this specific order is already debunked by the younger generations who already broke this myth.

In my honest opinion, the basis for getting married should be on the overall capability of the couple ~ physical, emotional, psychological and even financial matters.

A couple should be prepared in every aspect of their lives.


Why not? I honestly see no reason which would speak against that. Maybe the older siblings might never get married. Maybe they do not want to. There could be a lot of reasons. Why should that hinder the younger sibling to marry? Why should the younger sibling be possibly unhappy? There is no logical reason why anyone should marry first...A person should only ever enter into a relationship or marry when he or she is ready to do so and not when society expects it to happen.


In my local place, it's a bit taboo, especially for older girls. However, if the sister is forced to get married first, there are several traditions that must be done.

In my personal opinion, this is actually not too problematic, because marriage is the right of each individual. It's up to when they want to decide to get married.


There was a time when parents think to do marriage of child rank wise. According to their belief "The younger sibling marriage will reduce the chance of old sibling marriage." Now the time has been changed. It's hard to find good match so people don't bother about rank wise marriages. If they find a better match for any sibling they get marry. Personally I think this is the right move. Every one has its own fate. Majority of people think like that.