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Can we run family account in 1 pc in musing and steemit?
If yes then how many account can we run in 1PC for family purpose ? Not for business use
You can have as many accounts as you want, it's just a matter of you being able to keep all those keys safely :) if you are registering them from Steemit, you just need a valid email address and whatever information they need for the registration. Else, you can also create accounts from your own SP using tools like Steemconnect, it's a public blockchain after all.

One risk of using multiple accounts from a PC is, if it gets hacked you might lose everything. Hence, make sure to keep that computer safe. The best advice is to not click on malicious links and if you need to, use a security solution to help you out. And, _always_ do offline backups of your keys so you can recover them in case a ransomware creeps on that computer or something happens.

Now probably you can start inviting your family members to start using the platform :)

Tl;Dr: It is perfectly fine to have more than one account and use them all on one PC, as long as you take certain protective measures.
It's possible to run many Steem accounts from one computer. There are even some Steem platforms, like SteemPeak, that allow you to switch between different accounts on the same computer.

Obviously you need to have a good degree of trust between members of your family (I'm sure you do!) to operate in this manner. As a comparison, using a public shared computer for Steem is not advisable due to the risk of your account being hacked.

I believe that it is possible to run a family account in one computer when using the steemit.com

platform and the nusing.io platform,but i think the

accounts might be flagged for duplicate accounts,i am not sure but i am just thinking that

won’t those account get flagged because they are coming from the same computer??
yes you can steemit allows more than 1 account , if you are using wisely and ethically
Yes you can run multiple account in steemit and musing but you need to take care of many things like security, hacking and keep your account keys safe otherwise you cannot do anything.