What is your favorite season, and why?
my fav is summer, definitely it is

It has to be Spring. After the cold of winter everyone looks forward to spending days outside.

Spring sparks new signs of life from leaves growing on the tree and flowers shooting up from the ground. Birds are building nests and the whole mood with everyone has changed from doom and gloom to smiles and laughter. 

Spring means new life to me resulting in longer nights and hotter days. On with the shorts and T shirts and you feel as though you can breathe again.


My favorite season is summer ...


It is one of the stations where most people are on vacation.

The temperature is usually perfect. We do not have to worry about going out with very hot clothes like coats, hats and different clothes more.

I like to use light clothes.

Another point is that the genre is happier, when going out to the beach, play in the 'pool.

Also premieres new movies.

The ice cream is more delicious in winter.

Euriopa music festivals are in this season.

Events like tomorrowland, WAKEN and going to IBIZA, is one of the best places.