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What are some of the most common misconceptions?

Shaving influences hair development

Wrong, in the very same way that trimming your hair would influence your hair to become quicker. It simply doesn't occur. When one shaves, they trim off the edge of the hair, which doesn't influence the follicles underneath the skin.

The wonders is typically ascribed to time and development (adolescence), whereupon youthful teenagers see a little development, begin shaving, and after that it has a tendency to become back thicker unfailingly. Most don't consider that it would develop at a similar rate paying little respect to shaving.

Hair and nails keep on growing after death

Likewise wrong. This is by and large in light of the fact that the skin begins to rot and retreat, which makes the fantasy that nails and hair develops longer.

The shade of the sun

This is all the more a social development than anything, however the shade of the sun isn't yellow, it is white. On the off chance that the sun were really yellow, at that point because of the laws of material science, wearing a white shirt would be rendered as yellow.

Go outside, put your hand over the sun, and take a gander at the shade of the beams outwardly of your hand. It's not yellow.