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What secret conspiracy would you like to start?

I would start with the theory of ADRENOCROME, I am sure that the other theories start from there.

Although the existence of adrenochrome is between myth and reality, the way to obtain this drug involves atrocious acts ...

Even after all the testimonies, studies and documentaries, it is difficult to affirm categorically that the adrenochrome is a real fact, since to verify its veracity first hand one would have to be willing to atrocious things; However, it has served as a theme for different artistic manifestations, especially pop culture, among other currents. An example of this is the following goth rock song:


However, despite the sensationalism surrounding this drug, its historical background is of a nature that goes beyond any gothic song or a movie of junkies ...

Blood inheritance

Without fear of exaggeration, since ancient times there has been a custom of ritual sacrifice; satisfy the gods by means of offerings in order to have the grace of their favors. These sacrifices ranged from seeds to animal or human blood. According to different cultures - the Viking, for example - the larger the petition was to the gods, the sacrifice had to go according to a greater security of compliance with it. Nevertheless, blood in particular has always had a certain mystical and religious aspect, a sacred golden one difficult to ignore, a direct channel of communication with divinities and forces beyond the earthly plane; and as the religions evolved, the people realized that a bowl full of warm blood was not enough, it was necessary for the sacrificed to undergo a certain procedure to make the blood more palatable to the gods.

The secret ingredient

The cultures were perfecting the ritual sacrifice until discovering that, the more frightened and stressed the victim was, the more effective the ceremony was; therefore, the methods of torture, including the use of certain drugs, evolved generation after generation until they could name the secret ingredient: adrenaline.

Adrenaline is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that is transported through the blood stream to different parts of the body, depending on where it is most needed, that is, if it is an athlete, adrenaline works as a trigger of energy and strength , if it is a person in danger, adrenaline alerts the senses, dilates the pupils for better vision, triggers hidden survival mechanisms in the body and raises the blood pressure in case it is necessary to run to flee; if on the contrary, you are exposed to an experience such as parachuting, sex, or some extreme sport or extreme situation, the adrenaline acts in the brain as an open door to any stimulus, even the smallest; and there is a very high possibility of extra sensory perceptions.

Adrenochrome, is this smoked or inhaled?

Noticing the effects of adrenaline on the human being - since some of the blood was consumed by those offering the sacrifice when the rituals were performed - a certain wave of addicts to adrenochrome began, which is nothing more than a naturally generated compound. by the body; the adrenalized blood. That is, when the victims of the sacrifices were subjected to physical and mental torture, the officiants of the ritual, with the experience and the inherited customs, monitored the victim to locate the highest peak of the adrenaline, then they killed her because the Blood was totally contaminated by the hormone and so they could drink it and experience its effects. Currently, for a purer consumption is extracted directly from the adrenal glands (above the kidneys), the main arteries or the spinal cord. One person produces approximately 10 cc of adrenochrome.

Although there are very few cultures that continue to carry out human sacrifices, this custom passed into the hands of cults and sects formed by members of the social elite, such as the Illuminati, who disguise these sacrifices of exclusive social events.


A life for a trip

There is a whole subculture that affirms that adrenochrome is real and that it is sold clandestinely by the deep web at stratospheric prices. However, as it is said at the beginning of this text, to find out first hand would mean being willing to submit another human being, first to horrible tortures, and then to death. And although these testimonies claim that their effects are unparalleled (hallucinations, euphoria, increased senses, energy and strength) this drug goes far beyond any acid trip.

As long as myths continue to be created around this drug, there will be people willing to do anything to try it, which will bring two questions; the first, that they fall into the hands of charlatans and swindlers; the second, that they venture, in a cruel and ignorant way, to generate themselves the adrenochrome, no matter what it is, the results will always be tragic.

This was also seen in the movie fear and loathing in las vegas 


Well for me I'll like to start a conspiracy that I've experience consciousness even in death, there is still a different type of consciousness the human mind relives after death or near death 

In a more realistic sense everyone knows that it's totally impossible that consciousness after death is possible and the reason why I want to spread this conspiracy is because I believe there's a centre in between life and death a separate cosmos without the properties of heaven, earth or eternal life but just the consciousness of the self aware of an environment hidden away from any being but the spirit selves alone.

The reason I want to start this conspiracy is as a results of the time I spent in a hospital totally unaware of my state of body it was like a coma which I was in for two weeks however while being unconsciousness I still felt alive, I was living a life separate from the one I have, however I suddenly and totally forgot I was in a coma it was like a new life and the one I had to the extent that when I got out of coma, it took me almost a month to accept that my current father is actually my father and not the one in saw in my other sub conscious.

The truth Is even if this was meant to be a conspiracy I want to start it up because I've had somwhat of a similar experience and it wasn't a dream or a trance it was a separate consciousness in a totally different cosmos that nearly stole the memories I had of my real consciousness. The human mind to me is still limited despite it's capacities and capabilities so this will be just the conspiracy I will like to start.


"I thought kidnapping just happened to everyone. Whenever we traveled, there were guards. I was trained in what to do if it happened, and we had insurance policies against it. When I dated a middle-class suburbanite and talked about it, she thought I was paranoid, but that was a thing."