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What are some of the best vacations you’ve had?

The best vacations I had are the ones that separate me the most from the concrete jungle I'm surrounded by in my every day life. Not to be taken as anthropobic, I like people but, dislike the lack of nature in the city I live in, and the endless restrictions of modern way of living. In the city I feel shackled by constraints, while at the countryside I'm liberated when I'm in the nature and all of the stress I have to go through on a daily basis, is gone. 

That said, I have an vacation house in a rural area of a  neighbouring country which is close to the forrest. Whenever I'm there I just feel another vibe in the air. Its not just the fact that the air is cleaner and the fact that I'm are surrounded by  nature and wildlife but, there is this positive and loving vibe in the air. The people are so nice and helpful. The community comes together over problems to help each other  resolve them. Something you will never see in the city where everyone is overly focused on achieving personal success, which excludes caring for others.

For the above-mentioned reasons I truly feel like I'm on the best vacation of my life whenever I go to my vacation house in Slovenia.


Wow well I obviously I'm a Nigerian and I've lived In Nigeria all my life, however I've visited a few amazing places her in the west of Africa. Although still within the country i've visited the place called zuma rock in Abuja the state's capital during my visit to the state capital which lasted two days, lots of food, especially a type of meat called kilichi lots of drinks and I must say lots of hot weather too almost above 39 degree Celsius.

It's situated in the north and I went there because I had it was difficult to breathe up in the mountain, this was definitely five years ago.

It's definitely one of the hottest place I've been and sometimes it could go up to 42 degree Celsius really.

It was a wonderful place to be apart from the heat really and well it was one of the most lovely vacation I ever had