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When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

It was the first Semester of my very first Session in school. I was a newbie and so withdrawn from the rest of the crowd. Few weeks into the semester, I fell terribly ill and was away from school for 2 weeks. I got back and realized that a test was scheduled to hold the following week. I was still recuperating and as such couldn't read much. I did my bits and wrote what I could during the test. Results came out bad but I determined not to relent on my studies. I read day and night to cover up for my 2 weeks absenteeism. In the end, I got a B at the end of the semester. It started out on a bad note, but ended so well. 


There have been lot of things that, I didn't want to have in the beginning, but later, I felt very blessed to have them. Everything happens for a reason, for our betterment


When I tried to mess up my life, it started badly for me, but in the end I succeeded