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What’s your favorite sport?
my fav is basketball

My favorite is football. I can't imagine a day without reading sport news, discussing and writing about it.

Football to me is a unifying sport. The sport unites people of all races, backgrounds and cultures. It unites Muslims, christians and people from all religions.

Football is a very passion-inspiring sport that has made many rich and many more poorer. The sport is played in every country of the world.

I started liking football in 2006 thereabout. It was after the world cup and Cristiano Ronaldo was my idol. I spent hours trying to master some of his skills. I still do them sometimes when I have the opportunity of playing football. I've followed him virtually everywhere ;from Manchester United, Real Madrid and then to Juventus.

Now, I blog on steemit everyday writing about the various football events occurring on a daily basis.


My favourite sport has to be ping pong. Not the conventional sport right. I love it because of how fast it is. It takes a lot to be able to react when playing table tennis and I respect players a lot. Especially the Olympic players.

Watching ping pong as a kid, I couldn't believe how fast it was. I could barely keep up with my eyes and it was amazing. I enjoy watching ping pong, any day, any time and I even play a fairly well myself.


My favorite sport is rugby.

I played semi-professional for about 5 years before an injury forced me to stop.

The game has got a little quicker these days since it went professional due to higher skill levels and fitness. They train full time now  as we only trained in the evenings after work.'

I normally fly over every second year to go and watch the Internationals at Twickenham and Paris. It is my one and only treat that I do. I mix travelling with the sport I love.


My favourite sport is football,football is a sport that always keeps me happy whenever i want to watch it or play it,handball is also a sport which i love so much...


My favorite is cycling. There's nothing better than watching Tour de France for three weeks each summer! I really love the different tactics of this sport, as well as the intensity of it.