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What’s been the best concert you’ve attended?

Mhen! This question made me remember this great concert again.. Lols... I don't just know why I can't forget about this concert despite the numerous amount of concerts I have attended.

I was chanced to attend a concert organized by my school where they invited numerous speakers with different topics to speak about. I was more fascinated when I listened to a particular motivational lecture or speech delivered by one man named Mr Davies.

I never knew this man could kill the audience with his serendipitous speech because he looked very gentle, dark and slim. Ever since I experienced such, I had to believe in the saying "never judge a book by it's cover". Everyone was really excited and perplexed at the same time after listening to such great speech from that great man.

I will love to summarize some of his points here regarding "building self confidence".

- For you to be alive at this moment, you are created for a purpose.

- You are the best version of yourself

- Never compare yourself to anyone

- Always believe in yourself

- Face your fears.

- Don't be afraid to fail.

Those are the few I can remember for now, because he was spoke with action such that anyone who was weak at that moment will surely be ignited and strengthened to break their barriers and achieve greatness.

The concert brought a huge change and impact in my life and the lives of other attendees who were present at that instant. I will never forget that concert and I hope to experience more of it as time passes.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I have been to a fair few concerts, and a few have stood out to me for different reasons. For me a great concert is one that has something 'different' from others, rather than just playing their music and leaving.

One of my most recent concerts was Parov Stellar, and the enegry they had was amazing! Parov Stellar is neoSwing, and not musin you would expect people to go crazy dancing to but this concert was amazing, and the band had sooo much energy, it was infectious!

I also went to Alice Cooper (twice!), and his concerts were amazing - such a great performer, and it was much more than just the music. Each show our tour is set around a theme, and there is all sorts of stage antics. For example in one of the shows I went to he was hung on stage, and was 'bought back to life' for the encore. Alice Cooper is such a proffesional as he has been doing concerts for over 30 years. Someone I would love to see live again!


I have been to a crap ton of concerts, but probably one of the best shows I have ever been to was P!nk on her "Truth about Love" tour.  It was absolutely amazing.

The way that she can sing while doing all of the aerial acrobatics that she does is awesome.

Most all of her songs are easy to dance to and a lot of fun to sing along with.

She covered pretty much everything that she needed to cover in the time she was allowed to play.

It was such an amazing show that we are hoping to see her again on her latest tour.

If you ever get the chance to see her live, it is an absolute treat!