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If you were given a PhD degree, but had no more knowledge of the subject of the degree besides what you have now, what degree would you want to be given to you?

I don't think I would accept that degree. Not only because it's unfair. But because it would put me in an awkward position dealing with people's expectations. A PhD is no joking thing. It implies that you know more than what most experts do in a subject. And at the moment, I can't confidently say that I am a top expert in any field. An expert, maybe, because there are topics that I know more about than the average person, but not enough to go toe to toe with the top experts in my field. I am still learning from them, after all. 

So, if I get a PhD today on a subject that I cannot confidently say that I am the top expert in and people will put more stock in the things I say, then it puts a big responsibility on my shoulders, which I don't think I can carry. Not at the moment, at least. I mean, what if I say something, and the people who hear me, mistakenly believe in my authority and get in trouble as a result? That would cause a terrible burden on my conscience. 

So, no. If I were offered a PhD on any subject today, but would still have the same knowledge as I do right now, I wouldn't accept it. I'd rather keep my regular degree and work until I could honestly say that I deserve a PhD before accepting it.


PhD in Computer science. I believe there should be something like that. The world is in jet age. Everything is moving at fast pace and a PhD in computer science will not be bad.

I have basic and some advance knowledge of how things work there. I can brush myself up by taking online courses too. That should be okay. Next is taking classes lolz.


A Ph.D. in Political Science. It's a "soft science" and I think most people go into political science just to justify their own opinions and really don't care about learning how other people think in terms of political opinions.