What TV channel doesn’t exist but really should?
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I would like to see the History channel create a second channel for alternate history. It would have documentaries about how the present would be affected if something in the past had turned out differently; similar to what the AlternateHistoryHub YouTube channel does but in a longer show format.

For filler it would obviously broadcast sci-fi movies and TV shows that feature the concept of alternate history but it would also have its own original programming. I imagine modern steampunk sitcoms would probably be popular.



The Truman Show for reals


I think they should make a sports network called "real sports". You would get to see and hear all the behind the scenes stuff that you don't normally get to see..

All of the locker room pep talks and practices. I think it would be cool if they mic'd up all of the athletes so you could hear all of the trash talk that goes on unedited.

That is the TV channel that I think should be added.


A news channel that speaks the truth and isn't influenced either way by governments or big money.

They love to sensationalize things when there is no news story.They like to spread fear and make people think the worst. They love disasters as they have a story for days if not weeks.

I just want to watch the real news and if thee is nothing going on that is fine but don't force propaganda down our throats. We all have brains and can think for ourselves and we shouldn't have to try and read between the lines of what is really going on.

The news is too opinionated on what the news company wants and try and manipulate the masses to swing the way they want them to think spinning stories as such. I have stopped watching the news now and haven't seen it for years.