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What do you do to make the world a better place?

Well in my opinion, I believe that everything and anything you can do no matter how small is worth it. So a couple of years ago I looked around my environment in my home country of Nigeria and I noticed that it's always dirty. People tend not to care so much about their environment and throw things away on the road like as if it's their personal trash can. This usually leads to clogged gutters and very messy surroundings. After seeing this, I decided that no matter what, I'd never litter again, if I buy anything on the road and I want to throw the rapper away, I'll simply tuck it into my pocket and wait till I see a trash can somewhere.

I tell all my friends about it and now most of them have decided to do the same thing. It may not be much but I'm changing the world in my own little way because to me, if you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.


I run a small charity foundation and i thank God that i am getting some support to keep making the charity foundation to become better,,i have been able to give

scholarships to orphans and disabled children especially those that really want to get education,,i have also sponsored some youths by enrolling them into

technical schools where they can learn different form of skills which they can use to earn money in the future.....i know many people might want to ask that how was i

able to raise enough money to be able to carry out this charity projects,,well i was able to achieve that through my personal savings and also donations which i get from the public,,there are some people who want to

make the world a better place and they are willing to donate to charity foundations so that more people can be shown love and care....i am even planning on creating a charity projects on steemit whereby people

can donate to the foundation through delegation of steempowers and people will be asked to post any form of charity which they have done or are doing then the steempowers which i get from delegations will be used

to upvote such people so that they can more money and continue to be helpful to the lives of people and their community....anyone interesting in this project should let me know.....


Improving the World Starts from the Closest Environment

1. Become a volunteer. Joining a charity organization is the right way to improve life in a nearby environment. You can provide help directly and see the impact on the people you help. Give your best by utilizing the skills you have, develop new skills, or join in humanitarian activities in your environment.

2. Reduce the impact of yourself. Another way to improve the world is to reduce your own negative impact on the surrounding environment. Maintaining a good life will have a significant positive impact on the environment and help protect the planet for future generations.

3. Be proud of your area of ​​residence. Take care and be proud of the area where you live. In addition to your own interests, this can also protect others in your community. Make good use of it if there is a chance to help because not everyone has this opportunity. Try to think of various ways to improve the environment in your home.

Improving Global Environmental Conditions

1. Donate through the right charity. In order to be able to help people abroad, you must look for charities that are engaged in certain fields and channel the assistance in the best way. Choose a charity that has provided assistance on an ongoing basis in certain areas.

2. Buy items produced based on the fair trade trading system. Fair trade certification guarantees that goods are produced in working conditions that treat human beings humanely by paying appropriate salaries and decent working conditions. By buying as many products as possible, you show that companies that practice this system have the right to receive more money and encourage other companies to implement the same system.

3. Protect the environment. Do things that can protect the environment globally. The best way is to reduce dependence on fuel from mining and other sources that have a negative impact on the environment. Use public transportation, bicycles, or electric vehicles to travel.

4. Don't waste a lot. Don't overeat, don't buy food that you don't need, and don't buy new clothes every year. Wear clothes that are still suitable for use. Apply a healthy, balanced diet, according to the need so that you don't waste more. Make compost if there is food left.

5. Become an animal rescue activist. As the dominant inhabitants of planet earth, we are responsible for protecting other beings who cannot protect themselves. Many animals suffer and even become extinct because of the way we live today. You can improve the living conditions of animals,


Several things in fact...

I try to help people whenever I can

I try to always see the positive, in people, and in situations

I try to always smile at people, even on the street, to strangers, because a smile is contagious!